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Old 12th February 2010, 02:15 AM
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Default Cambodia and it's history

Never been to Cambodia myself, but have plans to spend a period of time their next year. Spoken with a friend of mine that has been going to the country since the mid 90's and he left a lasting impression of a country that has a history of warfare; one that gave birth to corruption, violence, loss of cultural identity and so much more. This isn't meant to cast a completely pessimistic pall over the country or taint anyone's impression, actually I'm trying to widen my frame of reference and see how folks that have traveled/lived in Cambodia have experienced.

Is it safe? Corrupt? Unhealthy (disease).

What have your experiences been?
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Old 13th February 2010, 07:08 AM
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I have been to Cambodia three times (fourth trip will be later this year in August) Gary also worked there for a year with UNTAC. I love the place and they are doing their best to get on with life. As a tourist we have never had any problems, there are some brilliant restaurants and shopping is fantastic.

I really love Phnom Penh oh and of course Seam Reap is a must do to see Angkor Wat etc etc.

Have a look at my link below as there is all the info and photos from our various trips there plus recommended restaurants etc etc.
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Old 14th February 2010, 08:35 PM
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Thank you for getting back to me Cathy. Great photos at your site. I enjoyed reading about your time there and will certainly refer to your site again as my arrival in Cambodia draws near.

Thanks again!
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Old 25th April 2010, 07:41 PM
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Travel Forum Guest
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Is it Safe?

To put things in perspective, it is safer than the United States.

However, be sensible. For example, don't walk alone in certain places late at night.

If you left valuables unattended, most likely they would be stolen. However, very few people would threaten you with violence to take your valuables.

Is it Corrupt?

For local people doing business, the system is very corrupt. Those with money can do whatever they want, but the poor are not given a fair go. People see the poverty. Most don't understand, the real problem is a corrupt system.

But this does not normally affect tourists. Most tourists are not aware of what really goes on.

There is corruption in most poor countries.

Is it Unhealthy (disease).

If you are a sensible person, the main thing to be concerned about, is drinking contaminated water, or eating food prepared with contaminated water and getting diarrhea. Be sensible with what you eat and drink.

Every country has some sickness and disease. In places where there is a lot of poverty, it tends to be worse than in places where people have everything they need.
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Old 26th April 2010, 04:55 PM
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Travel Forum Guest
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Is it Corrupt?

In Cambodia children are sold into prostitution.

There are foreign organizations stopping this to some extent. There are some Cambodian people making money from it. There are some Cambodian people turning a blind eye. There are some Cambodian people powerless to do anything about it.

In Cambodia, poor people are sometimes tricked or coerced into giving their children up for adoption. People from other countries are told that their parents are dead, and adopt these children. The Cambodian people doing this, will be very nice and polite, while they are lying to their face. Britain has banned adoption from Cambodia because there is too much dishonesty.

Again, there are some people making money from this. There are some people turning a blind eye. There are some people powerless to do anything about it.

These are just examples of what happens in Cambodia.

This type of attitude runs through the entire system. People in Cambodia make money with no regard to honesty or fairness the way we understand it.

If you learn the language, go and talk to the poor people about a whole lot of issues which affect their everyday life, and listen to how they are treated, you will probably cry.

The tourist guides won't normally tell you about these things. They want to present a nice picture of Cambodia to the outside world.
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