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Old 1st February 2015, 03:17 AM
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Default Thailand 2014: The worst trip of our lives part IV


On the following Monday morning I had to do what I had been dreading for weeks. I had booked with Bangkok Smile Dental a few months earlier for four crowns on a plate and I knew that the preparatory work would take a l-o-n-g time. So it was that I sat in the dentist’s chair for five minutes short of two-and-a half hours while drilling took place, picking with the little hooked pick axe was done numerous times and then more drilling and more drilling until finally a temporary crown was inserted.

I left the building with a swollen mouth and a numbness where I couldn’t feel anything at all. I paid in advance the total cost of the work and the crowns which came in at a whopping 61,600 baht or $2200 AUD at the time. My only consolation was the thought that had the work been carried out at my local dentistry in Australia the cost would have come in just southwards of $8000AUD.

That afternoon after the numbness in my face had abated we decided to take a trip up the Chao Phraya River to Nonthaburi on the Chao Phraya Express, a trip that we did on every visitation to Bangkok and one which we never tired of doing.

We did as we have always done in Nonthaburi, by walking past the clock tower and wandering around the market that lined both sides of the street in city until the heat got to us. We then retreated to the Rim Fang floating restaurant only a few minutes’ walk from the CPE pier, which was another thing that we had been routinely doing for years.

We ordered our drinks and meals and without going into detail about it, the long and short of it was that I had food poisoning within 30 minutes of digesting pieces of roasted duck. (See Rim Fang Food Poisoning elsewhere on this site).

Suffice to say that by the time we alighted at Saphan Taksin Pier I barely made it to the room in the Shrangri La before I spent 20 minutes vomiting and then diarrhoea set in.

The Shopper Girl wanted me to go and see a doctor but I decided to sweat it out. Whilst I lay on the bed or spent considerable time in toilet the Shopper Girl started packing our cases for our trip to Koh Samui the following day.

By daylight I felt much better and the toxic food poisoning inflicted on me by the Rim Fang restaurant had disappeared.

I didn’t feel like breakfast and ended up only having a mango juice and slice of toast, which seemed incongruous in the breakfast area of the Shangri La which puts on probably the best breakfast of any hotel I have ever seen.

At 10 am our limo came to pick us up to take us out the airport once again for our flight on Bangkok Airways to Koh Samui.

A pleasant and uneventful trip followed but then another calamity was about to descend upon us. We waited at the bag carousel for 40 minutes as everyone else took their bags and the cute little airport emptied. There were two bags going around on the carousel belt that looked like ours but the name tags were different, with Scandanavian sounding names printed on the baggage tags.

After a little while longer I said to the Shopper Girl “I know what has happened, the other people have taken our cases mistakenly believing them to be theirs”.

I tracked down the Bangkok Airways airport manager and he took the two cases away and rang Bangkok Airways in Bangkok to ascertain if the passengers who had taken our luggage had left an address in Koh Samui.

The hadn’t so the manager said “As soon as try to open the cases they will know what has happened and they will contact us. When that happens I will make arrangements to get your luggage to your resort in Khao Lak”.

So it was that we located the limo driver from The Sands Resort at Khao Lak and he was astounded when we confronted him with only a briefcase and a small carry on case from the Shopper Girl. We told him the story and he said that he would fetch them from the airport once we had word that they had been located. What a sweet guy, and hey, welcome to Khao Lak, a place that we had never visited before despite our many trips to Thailand.

If the chauffeur was surprised the concierge boys’ eyes nearly fell out of their heads when they opened the boot of the limo to find not one piece of luggage. Once again we had to go through the rigmarole of telling them and the reception staff of what had occurred.

Later that afternoon we walked out of the resort into the little town of Bang La On to buy some underwear and other clothing to tide us over until the cases were recovered and delivered to us.

We went swimming in one of the large pools of the resort and upon returning to our room there was a message from Bangkok Airways to say that they had been contacted but the family were now on Koh Lanta and it would take about two days to get the luggage to us.

I sat down at happy hour at The Sands and said to a Brit tourist beside me at the bar after I had bored him with our litany of misadventures “what can happen next”? He looked at me and said “whatever it is you’ve got I sure hope it doesn’t rub off on me”. We both laughed which was about all one can do when the circumstances are beyond one’s control.

NEXT WEEK: Part IV, the conclusion to the worst holiday of our lives with more bad luck on the way.

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Old 2nd February 2015, 08:29 AM
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Looking forward to the next episode.

But I don't understand how you went from losing your luggage (or PG losing your luggage) on arrival at Koh Samui to having it delivered to Khao Lak.
Diving Phuket and Similans
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Old 4th February 2015, 04:04 AM
Travelforum On The Brain
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Location: Melbourne, Oz
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My mistake Steve. Yes, we did take the Bangkok Airways to Koh Samui and later Bangkok Airways from KS to Phuket in a dinky ATR72. It was on that leg of the journey that our luggage disappeared.

I don't in any way blame Bangkok Airways for the stuff up. The Scandanavian family picked up our luggage which looked like theirs.
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