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Travel Agent Warnings
For Thailand

It is a sad fact of life, that unscrupulous and even downright dishonest people prey on others. Also, that certain companies put personalities / laziness before customer satisfaction or safety. There should be no surprise therefore, there are some people / companies to avoid in Thailand. We Name and Shame those we have categoric proof of wrong doings.

Je Siam Holidays (Coach Company) - Phuket
Coach drivers are bad enough as drivers as it is in Thailand. Read any travel guide and they will warn you about the driving ability (or rather lack of it) of the drivers of tourist buses / coaches. But these are the worst and deliberately so. They have a record of allowing, even encouraging their drivers to be extremely aggressive (including permission to overtake around bends). And they allow / encourage the guides that ride "rough shot" with these cowboy drivers, to carry and threaten motorists with large sticks as they pass (we have documented evidence of such an act against an 8 month pregnant woman). These people really are the nastiest people on the road. And you take your life, very much into your own hands if you use them.

Kamala Beach Resort (Hotel) - Phuket
We have documented proof that this hotel overbooks its rooms, then advises guests upon arrival of being switched / transferred to a cheaper / lower rated sister hotel of theirs without any care / thought / compensation to the guests. When we confronted them with this, they made ambiguous but very clear threats. Why spend your all important holiday in a downgraded hotel / room, or in the company of such nasty hoteliers.

Lotus Pang Suan Kaew (Hotel) - Chiang Mai
We have had both reports of bad staff (especially their tours staff), early morning karaoke noise and smoke stained rooms. Add this to the fact they owe our sponsor over US$2000 and simply ignore all claims / correspondence, and they are clearly the worst hotel in Chiang Mai.

Must National Communications Co / Asiarooms (Travel Agent) - Bangkok
These people run the following reservations / web sites;, Siam-Hotel.Com,,,,,, (,,, and many more. We have clear documented cases of this travel agent owing both business contacts (including our sponsor) and guests money - they are to be avoided at all costs.

We have documented reports of this company refusing to refund guests who have canceled properly and within the cancellation terms provided for on their web sites. We have clear documented evidence that this company does not always provide what the guest has paid for. These people are probably the nastiest travel agents in Thailand. They are French managed (the C.O.O. is Bruno Bourdin). If you are owed money by them, we suggest you contact him directly at Although he seems to simply ignore most claimants' e-mails. Please also let us know about any problems with this company, as we are keeping a file on them.

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