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Posted by Michael on April 8, 2007 at 4:21 am:


I will be going to Asia for my first time in May and will be landing in Bangkok. Once in Thailand, I will be visiting other neighboring countries such as the Philippines, Nepal, etc...

Should I book in advance from the USA the flights between Thailand and the other countries, or should I risk not booking in advance, and hope to get cheaper rates to those countries from Thailand itself?

I am a little confused and need some guidance.

How can I get the info on what the prices will cost once in Thailand?
For example, there is a deal w/ Cebu Air that is Bangkok - Manila R/T for under $200. Without that deal, the prices are advertised in the $500 - $700 range.

If I don't take that sale price now, will I regret it later? Or is that around a standard price once in Thailand?


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