where ever it is you buy that stuff you are smoking

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Posted by ® la on March 29, 2007 at 11:56 pm:

In Reply to: Travel Locations with the most friendly people posted by kathryn on March 29, 2007 at 6:24 pm:

hmm, friendley, well, that means non tourist area, non sales personel, except for living basics, with prices. ok, i'm thinking. in thailand, a place not already influenced by people thinking all foreigners are walking atm machines and millionaires, and non acting like it. good luck.

actually, i'm in the northeast, and great people, a small large town with a little of everything you need, along with good and bad people, corrupted already, but enough good ones to shine thru the crud.

udon thani, here now, other places i visit, that haven't turned me off yet, chumphon and beach just north, thung wua lam. koh phayam, vijit's bungalow, real nice, but couple larger guys coming in quick. khon kaen, nong khai, nakhon phanon, chiang khan have been some nice R&R stops. even luck out with karon/kata beach area and couple restaurants down there, although last year, way too crowded, this may be my last visit there in couple weeks, my yearly phuket visit coming up, if like last year, my last. high season seems to be longer, with higher crowds and prices. april 1st used to be the break point, now it's 16th or 1st of may for the price/crowd season change, not good for me.

good luck and enjoy. where ever you go, you make it what it is, just keep that guard up, it's hard, as my patience level has changed. i'm pretty much a repeat customer where ever i go now, as very few spots or vendors meet my expectations, but i am pleasantly surprised many times, so there is hope.

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