It's weekend again

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Posted by ® jaxw17 on March 16, 2007 at 5:58 pm:

Dave has finished the bedroom and I am really pleased with it. We are creams and golds and beiges with a little splash of turquise. We are just waiting now for the ridiculously priced wardrobes to come.

Off to holiday home this weekend although it is still cold going to take some stuff and maybe stay Saturday night and catch up with some people.

6 weeks on Monday to go before we go wheeeeee. Can't wait.

Sad news this week. Susan who is coming with us has got to have her dog put to sleep. She is called Poppy and she has had her for 12 years. She is a west highland terrier and a real sweetie. she has very bad diabetes. As you can imagine susan is really upset. the holiday won't be able to come quick enough to take her mind off it.

Mothers day on Sunday. Mine has gone, bless her, I really miss her. I have a step mother and Dave's Mum is alive although 81.

Whatever the weekend bring I hope it is what you want wherever in the world you are....It's just you in lucky buggers.

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