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Posted by ® jaxw17 on March 2, 2007 at 8:55 pm:

for the weekend? the sun has been shining here for a nano second. Dave will be finishing off the bedroom celing.
Wine night tonight though.
The season has started where we have our holiday home so we are going to have a run ... in the car run....don't be daft, over.
It is Craigs birthday on the 7th his 4th since he has been in prison. He will be 31. Well I never thought that would be where he was on his 31st birthday......I digress.
Not sure what we are doing Saturday evening yet but it will probably involve a drink.
Can't get samui out of my head and just counting down the days.
Must go and look for a new headboard for our bed....as you do.
Memo to self....stop spending, eating, drinking, being stroppy and scathing about others.....aw! that was such fun as well.
Hope what ever you are all doing you enjoy and stay safe and happy.

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