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Looking for the best flight to Thailand? The best airline? Or the lowest fare? This page is dedicated to trying to help you get the perfect flight, from the best airline and at the lowest price! Plus help you get all the airport information you need.

Below are a series of links to airlines, ticket consolidators / sales and airport reference sites.

Most travel in and out of Thailand involves going through, one way or another, Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. If you are catching an internal flight on from there, this can be very complicated unless you flew in on Thai International Airways and are catching one of their internal flights to somewhere else in Thailand. As then you will be transferred and transported from the inbound International flight, to your appointed internal flight terminal. You will clear immigrations and customs at Bangkok.

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The "interesting" part for fully Thai Airways customers when they are going to another International airport within Thailand, such as Phuket. Because, having cleared customs in Bangkok, you will exit as a domestic passenger. Trouble is, you can wait as long as you like at the luggage carousel, but it will not turn up! That is because your luggage will be on the International arrivals carousel! Which means you have to walk over to the International passengers area exit. Go in, explain to the customs desk. Pick up your luggage and then leave re-explaining that you have already cleared customs in Bangkok - clever huh?!

But that is preferable to the "fate" of passengers arriving on one carrier's International flight, who are then flying with another airline to some other Thai airport. That is because, you will need to clear immigration and customs in Bangkok, then get yourself to the domestic flight area. Unfortunately, this either means a walk down the connecting (International to domestic) corridor, or catching an airport bus. If you walk along the cleverly designed half a kilometer corridor of virtually pure glass, you may get thirsty. As, although there is a seemingly never ending line of air conditioning units. Putting a long greenhouse in one of the worlds warmest spots is hardly functional architecture! And catching the bus means getting onto one and waiting for it to fill up in the wonderful warmth of the day!

Therefore. If you are able to fly into another airport, such as Singapore, where the airport is comparatively divine. Then fly onto your (other than Bangkok) Thai destination from there, such as Phuket. You should be much better off. Bangkok's airport, like its rush hour road traffic is something to be avoided if you can!

Thai Airport Information

Maps of neighboring International Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 plus a map of the Domestic Terminal for Don Muang Airport, Bangkok.

Real time flight information from Thailand Airports Authority can be found here.

Click the following links for regional airport information; Koh Samui Airport, Phuket International Airport,
Hat Yai Airport, Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Rai Airport. For all other airports, you are best going to the relevant airline site (e.g. Thai Airways, Bangkok Air, etc.). Although the information available will be minimal. But then, these airports tend to be small, so terminal maps etc. are not really necessary.

Airlines That Fly Into Thailand

These are listed in alphabetical order:- Aeroflot, AIr Andaman, Air France, Air India, Air Lanka, Air Mandalay, Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines, Balkan Bulgarian Airlines, Bangkok Airways, British Airways, Brunei Airlines, Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Delta Airlines, Egyptair, Elal, EVA Air, Finnair, Garuda Indonesia, Gulf Air, JAL, KLM Royal Dutch, Korean Air, Lao Aviation, Lauda Air, Malaysia Airlines, Mandarin Air, Mayanmar Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Pakistan International (PIA), Philippine Airlines, Qantas, Royal Air Cambodge, Royal Nepal Air, SAA, Silk Air, Singapore Airlines, Swissair, Thai International, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Vietnam Airlines.

Air Ticket Sales

First, we recommend you try this Global ticketing site, jointly owned by several of the world's largest airlines and Amadeus (the online wholesaler).
Opodo Airline Tickets

Global ticketing; TISS, ETN.
From North America; Economy Travel, Travel Discounts, Wholesale Travel, Air Values, TravelHub.
From Europe; Teletravel Germany, Malibu Benelux.
From UK; Travel 4 Less, Air Tickets Direct, Cheap Flights, Checkin, Destinations Group.
From Australasia; FlightCentre, STA Travel

Please be aware, there is a departure tax of B30 for domestic flights and B500 for international flights (correct as of 01 July 2002).

If you know of any other airlines that fly into Thailand, and /or online air ticket sales companies you could recommend, please drop us an e-mail with details to adminATtravelforumDOTorg.

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