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Thailand Travel Forum's Rules

When you post messages on this forum. You do so on the basis that you have read and agree to the terms / conditions below.

Q: What's the purpose of the Thailand Travel Forum?
A: We maintain this forum to help travellers planning to visit Thailand to get an initial "feel" for this country. After reading the experiences of others it will be easier for first-time and seasoned visitors to make sensible decisions about where to stay, where to eat, where and how to do their shopping, how to get around, and to be aware of the various "do's" and "don'ts".

Q: What kind of questions can I ask, or what information should I post?
A: Feel free to ask any kind of question, and share any experience you might have had – as long as the message relates to vacationing / holidaying in or travelling within Thailand. All messages others can benefit from are welcome – including warnings and recommendations.

Q: Can I use this forum to advertise my shop, restaurant, hotel, or any products?
A: If it is strictly noncommercial and relates to Thailand & travel, yes you may. But please do not "Spam" our forum with repeat postings - once every three months is enough, and that is our strictly enforced limit. If it is a commercial site, no you may not. If you have a commercial web-site that you feel will benefit users of this forum, you should notify markATtravelforumDOTorg of the URL. If, at his sole discretion, he believes it is appropriate. It will be added to the relevant page at the next update. Please note, if you make a commercial posting in breach of this term, we charge, and you agree to a fine of US$1000 dollars per posting, plus 10% compound interest per month (to be paid to a charity of our nomination).

Q: Can I use this forum to recommend a commercial site / business?
A: Only if someone specifically asks about that company, and then only in direct reply to that question. Be warned, if we subsequently discover you or the business engineered such a question for you then to answer in the first place, we will charge you (backdated with interest) as above.

Q: Is there any exception to the above 2 rules?
A: Yes there is. If you are a knowledgeable person on Thailand and can help people out with non-related questions & answers. You may, with our thanks and blessings, post non-related (to your business) reports & replies. Then "sign" your personal and business name / location at the end of such messages.

Q: Which language shall I use to post messages?
A: The first language of this forum is English.

Q: But I'm not a native English speaker. It would be much easier for me to post in my own language.
A: Then get a friend or someone else to help you. If you are worried something will get lost in the translation, you may repeat the text in your native language in the same posting, but ONLY if you have done it first in English. Don't worry about how good your English is, as long as you can make yourself understood you should find others ready to listen to / help you.

Q: Is this forum moderated or censored?
A: Yes it is. But we only remove profane, racist, commercial, "personal / dating / marriage ads", unduly offensive & malicious postings, plus blatant deceptions (In fact, certain words are automatically barred and posters' IP addresses are shown to help avoid the wrong kind of postings). But be warned, we do tolerate people out to have a little bit of fun (because life should be like that), as long as it doesn't ultimately detract from the purpose of the Thailand Travel Forum.

Q: What is a bit of fun?
A: Anything that makes others, although not necessarily everybody, smile. That can include humorous retorts, "calling a spade, a spade", using a funny false name to post under, and even posting a spurious report (so long as this is ultimately apparent)!

Q: I have a technical question concerning this forum. Shall I post this question on the forum itself?
A: No, please don't. Instead please e-mail us on adminATtravelforumDOTorg and we will answer your question directly by e-mail.

Q: If I feel offended by a post, or that it is a load of "crock", shall I give this poster a stiff talking to?
A: If the posting is offensive, let us know and we will remove it if we agree with you. Otherwise, if you ingratiate something you disagree with, you will be playing right into that poster's hands! Of course, you can always post a humorous reply if you believe you can outwit them, but don't get upset if you can't! At the end of the day, it is a really easy matter only to reply to those postings you feel comfortable about. If someone is being stupid on the Thailand Travel Forum, the best medicine is to ignore them.

Q: I think a message breaks one or more of the forum rules. May I point this out on the forum itself?
A: Sure, why not! But don't break the Thailand Travel Forum's rules yourself!

Q: What happens to naughty boys & girls who break the rules of the forum?
A: It depends on the severity of what they have done. If they've been very very bad, we'll barr their PC's IP address (and any subsequent ones they use) for anything from 3 months to eternity. Although, the chances are, they will get a warning first.

Q: How do I get the e-mail address of a participant?
A: Participants have the option of providing their e-mail address when posting a message. If they do, the poster's address will appear as an e-mail link next to his name above the particular message.

Q: How do I view the archives?
A: Go to the Thailand Travel Forum Archives Page. Here you will find links for each of the respective last 12 months postings on the Thailand Travel Forum.

Q: How do I search the Thailand Travel Forum?
A: Go to the Thailand Travel Forum Archives or main Thailand Travel Forum pages. Here you will find links for our special forum search software / feature. Just enter the keyword(s) you wish to search for, the maximum articles / posts you wish returned, wait a few seconds, and "voila". Links / titles to messages containing the keyword(s) you entered will be displayed in chronological order.

Q: Where can I get the scripts for this program?
A: The scripts are written in Perl and created by Matt Wright. They are free to anyone who wishes to use them and you can get them as well as other scripts at: If you are looking to set up your own travel forum, we may consider helping you instal our own uprated scripts. If you are interested, please contact markATtravelforumDOTorg.

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