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Thai Communications

Communications are generally throughout Thailand. Although certain islands and other remote areas may not have postal services, land phones or even mobile phone coverage. But in most tourist areas, this is not an issue.

Most people will only experience the postal side of this; you can click here for Thailand's Postal Rates. A few will need to use the telephone (Red call boxes are for local calls only, while Blue ones are local and all of Thailand). Most Post Offices also have an adjacent telephone / fax service office. Although finding privately operated fax and telephone service centres are never normally a problem.

Internet Cafes also abound in Thailand, with the normal charge being just 4 baht per minute. In addition to this, laptop users can purchase temporary Internet access accounts from most of the countries ISP's (If you want to organize this in advance of your trip, you can purchase these online from Loxinfo, who have dial-up access numbers throughout Thailand.

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Other main ISP's include KSC and CSComs. But Loxinfo is generally regarded as the fastest / better.

People bringing their mobile phones to Thailand will find roaming is not a problem, although very expensive when you consider a local call will cost around 115 baht per minute (a call from a regular phone costs 3 baht for unlimited time, and around 3 baht per minute from Thai registered mobile phones). The main cellular phone company in Thailand is AIS900.

You are able to purchase "pay as you go phones" in Thailand from around 10,000 baht. The trouble is, they have no voice mail, forwarding, etc. Unlike some countries, you can go without using them for long periods (while you are not in Thailand), without the number being discontinued and the SIM card delisted. But they are not data enabled. So you can not connect your laptop to them, even if the phone has a physical connection for this. Also, it is not possible to buy a regular service activated phone (so that you can connect to the Internet from your laptop via a mobile), unless you have a work permit (and show this plus your passport).

An alternative to buying a phone, is to rent it. AIS900 also have this service available through most larger hotels and also at the MOBILE FONERENT counters (arrival terminals 1 and 2 of Bangkok International Airport). A deposit of 30,000 baht for a regular cellular handset or 40,000 baht for a digital, data enabled GSM phone is required. The rental charge depends on how long you rent for. If you rent 1-2 days, you will pay 440 baht per day. 3-6 days for 410 baht / day. 7-15 days for 260 baht a day. And 16 days plus for 150 baht per day. Air time charges are 10 baht per minute for domestic calls, 10 baht plus Telephone Organization of Thailand’s rates per minute for long distance calls, and 15 baht plus Communication Authority of Thailand’s rates for international calls.

Other bits? The International code is "001+country code etc.". Police are "1699", Fire Brigade "199".

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