Perhaps 90% or more of hotels in Indonesia (less in Thailand) rip their customers and staff off (out of tips).

Most hotels view tips / service charges as profit; it is unlawful, but they get away with it.

When you get your restaurant, bar and check out bills from the hotel you are staying at, notice how they automatically charge you "service charges"? Refuse to pay this; they are ripping you and likely their staff off!

Some hotels will even tell you service charges are mandatory; legally they are not, refuse to pay this element.

Service charges should only ever be paid if you feel the staff earned it, and then you should make sure they, and only they get it.

So the hotel staff did a great job for you and you want to leave them a gratuity (service charge), please make sure they (not the greedy hotel owners) get it!

1) Ask for a written statement from the hotel as to what percentage of any service charge (gratuity) you pay goes to the staff and how it is divided up (to make sure management on western salaries and hotel directors do not get any). Legally, the service charge you pay should go to the staff and in equal measure.

2) If you can not get this or the hotel admits they retain some for profit / management, do not pay the hotel the service charge, go to the staff who made your holiday great and give them the money instead (do not forget the maid, the gardener, the cleaner or the kitchen staff).

Ultimately, if you know a hotel is ripping you and their own staff off, book somewhere else!

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