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Old 4th February 2010, 10:43 PM
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Default $1599 for All-Asia pass (Cathay Pacific)

Seems like a great deal for those with the time, inclination and money :)

Resourcing from Rolf Pott's Vagablogging site -

Direct link - Cathay Pacific USA | All Asia Pass | Asia flights | Flights to Bangkok | Flights to Singapore

"The 2010 All Asia Pass, starting at $1599, not including $180 in taxes. This package includes round-trip air fare from LAX, SFO, or NYC to Hong Kong, with two stopovers at any of 42 basic destinations. There are of course some caveats and addons to this that increase the fare, such as;

* Originating in other US cities
* Traveling between May 18 and Aug. 16
* Staying longer than 3 weeks (there are both 30 and 90 day options)
* Adding more stopovers
* Extending reach beyond basic cities

One should certainly price other options when planning your Asia travel, but there could be savings to be found with this promotion. The best thing about it is that they are running it all year, until Dec. 7, until seats run out."
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Old 13th April 2012, 08:55 PM
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Thumbs down Cathay pacific

Dear reader,

I am Buisnes man that travels lot too China.
Now I am also member of The Marco Polo club nr 109 782 9994.
Let me tell you cathay pacific is NOT good air line with very bad service.
First of all The memberschip is laugh and doesn't give any extra benefits other then a nice overpaid green card in your wallet,but more important they always make mistake after mistake.
Now i am sitting in Hong Kong airport after
Missing my conection to Amsterdam because captain insited to wait on other missing passanger that whas much too late because of his own fault!!
Now I am sitting here already 3 hours getting help by female from cathay but realy slow and very bad service even dog you Will treath better!!
Now I have too fly The next day 24 hours later but instead of direct too Amsterdam first to Rome and then too Amsterdam that means also 6 hours of extra time again aded by already delay 24 hours and not talking about The waiting time in airport with very poor englisch speaking cathay Pacific helper
Even though there Goes direct flight by other airlines The keep on there companny even though it is in humane en very long!!
I am trowing my Marco Polo club card away and they cann keep there stupid asia Milles beter too fly next time with real companny that threats you like human being!!
So whatever you do dont fly Cathay!!
My regards
Jop Nieuwenhuizen
Bar/Dancing De Koets
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Old 7th October 2013, 07:36 AM
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Travel Forum Guest
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I would like to say that Cathay pacific in no way has bad service.

I was in China for a few weeks where no one bothers to give you the time of day except to stare at you and give you creepy 'hello''s on the street. People there give bad service. I had put up with this for 6 weeks and when I arrived at Beijing Airport the lady checking my bad in was extremly nice, ignored the fact my bad was well overweight and their hosts were so nice (as they have been every time I fly with them) that I almost cried as their niceness was the first I had seen in a while.

This may be a rather extreme example but passengers are late all the time - it delays everyones schedule but depending on the laws of that country that person could sue etc.

I can remember running through Dubai airport not long ago after my flight from paris was delayed by an hour (with emirates) coming out of Dubai so we got into Dubai an hour late - we were then rushed through the airport to get onto the plane late making everyone else wait. Many connections were cancelled because of this delay (they had a screen showing what connections people had missed, what ones people had to run for etc.). That run through Dubai airport was stressful but I do not blame them - we booked our tickets with 2 hour stopovers (sure that is their norm and they should be expected to get you there in time) but look at the bright side - at least you get the duty free shopping and airport food.

I much rather flying with cathay internaitonally (despite the fact they are sometimes more expensive) as they are an airline where you don't have the chair infront of you 3 cm from your nose the whole flight because the fat person in the seat infront of you has broken the chair and has it fully extended backwards (what happend to me on Qantas recently).

I don't hold these small things against the airlines - just my preference of who I fly with.
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