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Old 15th August 2009, 05:39 AM
Travelforum Virgin
Join Date: Aug 2009
Posts: 1
Default Bad Accor Advantage Plus

I want to share my bad experience with Accor Advantage Plus.
Hopefully others will not be a victim like me.

It was started in a travel exhibition in Bangkok in 2008, where Accor group display their range of hotel.
I was interested with the offer of a membership of Accor group, they said that they'll give a compliment voucher to stay one night in any participating hotel in Accor groups Asia.
Thinking that Accor was a reputable hotel group, I bought the membership for THB 5,500 (I don't remember the exact amount but it is around that number)

A few months passed, I almost forgot the voucher and the membership, but I found the voucher when I was reorganizing my working room.
I tried to book the hotel in Sofitel Centara Huahin, but got the answer that the hotel is fully booked until next 2 months. I was wondering, if a hotel could get such a good business, perhaps it was time for me to start investing in hotel business.
However, when I checked the hotel via an online hotel booking, it was apparent that the hotel still had plenty of vacant rooms (even I tried to pretend booking for a large group of visitors, surely I didn't finalize the booking because it will disrupt the hotel booking system)
I called the customer service for the card, and finally got explanation that the complimentary certificate was running based on certain allocation only, for the expensive hotel like Centara, (perhaps) they got only 1 room for every two weeks.
Well, it is not a hotel voucher (yes, they didn't write it as hotel voucher) but a gift, which you have to beg to get it.
Nevertheless, I canceled my vacation plan and sent a strong complain email.
Guess what? It took 1 week for them to answer? Can you imagine? They answered it after I sent the email for the third times.

After a few months, I forgot the case.
Today, I find that the voucher will be expired by the end of this month (August 2009), so I try to book Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore.
Do I get it? As you can guess, NO.
The officer even suggests I plan my trip 2 months in advance. I ask him if he does the same, and he admits that he doesn't.
The hotel is fully booked and the only available time is not during weekend, hence surely I cannot use it.
I tell the officer that my voucher is almost expired and ask for exception; He suggest I extend my membership so that I can extend the voucher life time.
From this case, I understand that there is no room for negotiation, no tolerance for an urgent case.
Finally, the officer tells me to call the hotel directly to get the exception.
I try to call the hotel directly and get explanation that they do nothing with Advantage Plus except give allocation to some rooms to the company, if the rooms have run out, the hotel can do nothing.

Now, I hope that the reader of this testimonial will know that it is better to avoid the membership of Accor Advantage Plus unless you want to have similar experience like mine.

My membership number in that Accor Advantage Plus is 308409 000 627738 2

Actually I don't want to waste my time writing this case, but I think that I have the obligation to avoid other people to fall victim of that bad service.
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Old 29th September 2009, 07:45 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
Posts: n/a
Thumbs up

Thank you, you have just saved me $300
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Old 12th October 2009, 03:48 AM
Travelforum Virgin
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 1
Default chialia

Well......and here I thought I'd be the only one being ripped off!!! I also have 2 free nights (1 from last year) and 1 from this year and have been trying to book my free nights for the last 6 months!!! Guess what??? If I book as a paying customer, then no problem!!!! But lo and behold!!!!! No vacancy for any week-end for the last 6 months!!! Like you, they have now lost me and my whole family....that is 6 memberships........I'd rather pay and negotiate my own price than being told " vacancy!!!!!!!!
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Old 22nd October 2009, 01:19 PM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
Posts: n/a
Angry Road runner

Another unhappy customer here also. I have tried to book nights in both Bali and Thailand on my free night but guess what same story, all nights booked but funnily enough all the cheaper hotels are available. Another unhappy customer who won't be joining accor advantage plus again. You can get better deals via the internet and save yourself $280 aussie dollars a year.
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Old 26th October 2009, 02:51 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
Posts: n/a
Angry Not happy Jan

So I am not alone - I was also told that I should try and book 2 months in advance. I have tried on several occassions with the same result "no vacancy". I will save my money in the futue and not be caught by this scheme again. Very disappointing Accor.
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Old 28th October 2009, 09:37 AM
Travelforum Virgin
Join Date: Oct 2009
Posts: 1
Default Accor

Have put up with the this membership for two years trying to find some value from it. And I have tried. The free rooms are for all their low occupancy low rent hotels that I would one would only stay at if it was convient to be near an airport or you weren't fussy about the location.

The alleged discounts are all smoke an mirrors when if you call to get a walk in rate as random customer it is a price that is a third or half price of the % discounted room that accor offers to the membership.. If anyone is thinking of the Accor membership cards as a benefit all I have to say is Accor is Acrap.
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Old 18th November 2010, 11:11 PM
audrey stedman
Travel Forum Guest
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Default very happy jan

Ihave been an Accor member for 8 years and have never had any problem with booking my free nights. I join each year and if there are any free nights left over they can they be used the next year. I have booked accommodation in Bali at the Novotel Nusa Dua, Hong Kong and Singapore. as well as all the good hotels in Sydney Melbourne and Queensland. I have always found Accor very helpful and if I have had a complaint about Parking fees I have always had a swift reply and offer of a refund next time I stay. Perhaprs people should book their holidays earlier, naturally they only have so many rooms available as do airlines on cheap fares.
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Old 8th July 2010, 05:27 AM
Travelforum Virgin
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 1

When we dont get what we want, we will tell the whole world... just like a baby... but actually, we did get what we want... did we bother to post that ???? what a loser... That separates the educated and the non educated people... i've been a member for 3 years... sometimes i get my room,... sometimes i dont.. but 1 thing is for sure, all the deals that i get covers the fees 10 fold... Wake up, how much is the membership fees??? its peanut but somehow.. some of us think that we own Accor by joining.... Again,... what a Loser...

My colleague is also a member,.... always try to get a room 1 or 2 days notice... what are his chances? compared to 1 or 2 months advance booking? Well, he's not a loser and accept his mistake...

To all the cry babies, I believe its not your loss for joining... Its Accor loss as having you as a member.

I challenge those cry babies to recommend me any other membership that gives a better deal than advantage plus...
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Old 5th January 2010, 03:18 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Posts: n/a
Thumbs up Well I am happy

Hi think this is wrong as I have been a member for three years and have had not problems. Sure getting a free night isn't always easy but I got it and also loads of great cheap rates for my wife and I. Best part for me is the restaurants - loads in Bangkok and great deals. Looks like you expected to much for a small cost!

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Old 8th January 2010, 03:31 PM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
Posts: n/a
Wink Do not agree

I have been a member with Advantage Plus before and I have nothing but great things to say about it. Like every product out there, it does not suit EVERYONE. We are told upon buying the membership that the FREE night is subject to availibility and allocation. Therefore as a member I would then assume that I would have to book in advance to secure the room I want at the hotel I want. I'm lucky enough to live within 15km's of one of Accor's hotels and my partner and I eat there at there smorgasboard (and it has everything from everywhere all over the world) a buffet as far as the eye can see and instead of the $40/person non-Accor members would pay, we only pay $20/person. We eat there weekly and have well and truly made back our money. Maybe look at other ways you can use your membership. Just a suggestion.
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