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Old 11th February 2010, 05:10 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Default Robyn

I have been an accor advantage plus member for about three years. I haven't had any problems with Accor Advantage Plus with bookings, including booking free nights. In fact they have rung to remind me that i haven't used my free night and the 12 months is nearly up, admittedly because they also wanted me to renew membership in due course, but this was not due for a few more months. Usually when i want to book free night, i do it by phone directly through accor advantage plus not the hotel, but i have done it either way without any problems. My daughter was recently advised, when she renewed her membership not to waste her free night on a cheaper hotel but to use it on a more expensive one, so will see how she goes! Free nights have usually been at hotels in Australia, not Asia but have stayed in overseas accor hotels also and received reasonable discount.
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Old 12th February 2010, 04:00 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Default Happy customer

I have had Accor Advantage Plus membership for over 10 years and in this time have not had any major problems. We have stayed in Accor hotels all over Australia and also in Singapore. I have used my free nights on the accommodaion that I wanted at all times but always booked well in advance, this is just common sense. As you get 1 free night per year, on occasion I haven't used this and in past years just a phone call and they extended the time frame to use it as well. The dining advantage is always a bonus, there is a booklet that can be used showing which hotels give the discounts and some charge a surcharge even when using the free night but this is with top class hotels. I have been a member of many other hotel groups and found that this membership gives the most value for money, perhaps the problem is with the expectation rather than reading the conditions of use of the card. I always think that 1 free night in any year no matter when pays for the membership, so how can we complain.
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Old 24th February 2010, 04:58 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Talking Really happy customer and all the rest of you are idiots

I paid $280Aus for this membership. I booked my free night at the Novotel Sydney Darling Harbour. I got a corner room with a great view and heaps of room. On checking how much it would cost for the same room same night same hotel, the cheapest I could find was $220. I also stayed at the Hotel Ibis Sydney Airport. The room I got cost me $188. Looked on several websites to find the same room, same hotel and same night and found the cheapest to be $320. So thats a saving of $132. Add the $220 for the free night and thats $352. We had dinner at the Ibis when we stayed. (My Fiance, child and myself). It got charged to us for $128. We got half price on check out. Thats a further saving of $64. In total so far I have saved $412. It only cost $280. So a real saving of $132 so far. I have only been a member for 4 months and plan to use the membership again. Specially for 50% dinners. To all those who cant use this membership to save money you are all complete idiots and need your brain checked. If you dont travel enough, of course its going to be hard to save a minimum of $280 for what you payed for it. If you travel alot this membership is perfect for you. Also for the person who let their free night lapse and couldn't get an exception for an extension, really think about it for a second. Of course they arent going to let you have an extension.
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Old 2nd March 2010, 08:24 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Bali Palm same again

Exactly the same- they promise free viuchers and then withdraw them . They promise a complimentary night and sure enough there are no allocations even if the hotel is half full.The worst thing is spending hours on the internet booking system only to be logged out in the middle of booking. Like all these things there is always a catch.
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Old 5th March 2010, 12:49 AM
Adam in perth
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Smile If you understand the membership it works a charm

I too am a member and have been for a number of years, the FREE night is done on allocation, it cleary states that in the terms and when the lady sold it to me. to book a night in a Sofitel you need to book in advance, it just makes sense, free nights in these types of hotels go quicker than in an Ibis!!!. I have had a few times where I have had to change my booking but as a whole the experience is great, I get at least 10% off wotif, without fail. If I have any dramas I call their help line and they assist. You guys just need to understand how to use the product to get value. I am sure leaving it in your draw at work for 10 months of the year is not the way it is designed to gain maximum useage, dining discounts etc. it is like having a gym membership for 12 months not using it and saying can i get another 12 months free because I was to lazy to go. Great value if you understand how to use it folks
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Old 6th March 2010, 01:41 AM
Travelforum Virgin
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I can't agree with you more. I was told when I joined that the best tip for getting the free night was to book in advance, maybe for an anniversary or a birthday or some other special event. Don't try to book a day or a week in advance for a saturday night in Melbourne when the AFL is on at both Eitthad or MCG, as there will be over 100K extra people in Melbourne trying to do the same thing. I was told once you have booked if you have to cancel that night the free night would be just put back on the card. When it comes to allocation, I am sure it works in the same way as an airline that has special internet fares. They may offer $59 Sydney / Melbourne, but not every seat on the Plane has that same price.

In my 1st year of membership, I had a family emergency in Cairns and booked my free night on the day of my arrival at the airport and that was a Saturday night. When I renewed, I booked my birthday @ the Sofitel on Collins, be it I booked 9 months in advance, but I got what I wanted.

Like other people have mentioned here, the best value on my card comes from dining. Recently I took 2 of my mates (total party of 3) to the Sofitel in Sydney for dinner. The bill came to just over $300 (we had a good time) and they took a bit over $100 off the bill!!! It was just shy of $200.

So as only a 2 year member, use the free night, and dine twice and you have paid for the card. Do it more often and your Laughing :)
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Old 7th March 2010, 01:17 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Default Bill

I was a member of Advantage Plus. and for about 3 years i was reasonably happy with the membership. Even though I always felt I was treated as a lower level guest. Bookings at most places were only available if I took an upgrade. The lat two years had me question the value. the cost of membership/ the supposed savings in addition to the lack of availability compared to specials available at any time. My last experience was the one that was the decider to cancel membership. I booked accommodation at Twin Waters Resort on the Queensland Sunshine Coast, to get the booking we had to upgrade. so no complementary here (the upgrade almost cost the same as walk in as I discovered later) The room nice size but the aircon did not work and obviously had not been cleand for years. The main retaurant was not availabe for Advantage Plus bookings and the smsorgas board was pretty poor.
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Old 7th March 2010, 06:14 AM
Diddles62's Avatar
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In my first marriage I used to be a member and use them a fair bit. Cant be bothered with them now thou they are too expensive and have cut back the benefits they had years ago.
Thanks for your response :)
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Old 7th March 2010, 08:11 PM
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Default Accor Advantage Plus Bad Membership Experience

I am a member of Accor Advantage Plus and have paid $250 a year for about 5 years $1250

I was not aware that if you do not use your free night that they can take it off you, I have only used 2 nights from a 5 year membership and if I want to renew I will loose 2 nights because you can only ever have 2 - $500 worth of nights saved on the card.

Accor will not roll these nights aside or save them on the system and let you use them later.

I explained to Accor that I have paid for the membership and they have no right to just take the money off me, I also explained that a bank could not do this and get away with this.

To be quite frank they are not free night as I paid $250.00 for each membership.
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Old 10th March 2010, 10:19 PM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Default Happy Accor Customer

I came across this forum and I must say that I have not had any bad experiences yet with my Accor card.

I recently went to Vietnam and booked online into the Sofitel Plaza Hanoi without any problems.

Also the card gave me 50% on the restaurants in the hotel which I have use numerous times in Vietnam and here in Australia. It has saved many dollars in food and the accommodation we have stayed at has been perfect for the price we paid with our Accor card compared to if we paid the actual hotel price.

Happy with my Accor card I will mostly likely renew once it expires.

You have to understand that Accor probably have a limited number of rooms on hold with the hotel so they probably are booked out when the hotel says that they are booked out for Accor members. Of course for non members there will still be rooms, the hotel isn't going to make all rooms available to Accor members they only allocate only a certain few. Just keep that in mind.
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