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Old 10th February 2013, 12:21 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Default hmm

Originally Posted by Travel Forum Guest View Post
Wow! So many complaints. I wish I had read these before I was fleeced too.

I was phoned by a sales person in Sydney Australia and promised an extra night over and above the usually 1 'complimentary' night if I signed up for a year. I even wrote everything down as she was so pushy and rang me 4 times within a week.

After I signed up I checked on the website for advantage plus customers and noticed that the extra night night was not allocated.
I phoned her and she said it can take up to 2 weeks for the extra night to show on my account.

After a month the extra night still not showing. I rang and left message and she called back saying she was fixing the problem and the extra night would be added.

After 3 months it is still not added.

She was not contactable after I tried many times to call her. Her supervisor kept taking her calls and would not accept the promise she made.

Imagine, if they didn't uphold their promise for free night for 2,000 nights say at $300 per night = $60,000 per year they save! But in reality it only costs them not even $10,000!


she probably got fired for false promises........ signed former employee.

p.s. i worked for accor. i enjoyed it. but i wouldn't sell to people unless i knew they would get the benefits. hence i had low sales and lost my job. i just hope the people i did sign up aren't having any troubles like everyone else.
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Old 11th February 2013, 02:06 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Thumbs up Response to negative feedbak

I have worked for Advantage plus for 5plus years.
In relation to the comment above re the two free nights. This has Never been offered to a prospestive member and can only suggest that the consultant offered this only to get the sale. Would be interested to know if she/he still works for the company.

Advantageplus is a very big organisation, as with any big organisations there we can never please all of the people all of the time. If members have problems there is a toll free number on the back of their membership card and I would suggest that you contact them directly.
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Old 11th March 2013, 12:40 PM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Anyone knows if you are able to cancel a complimentary night and re-use it for another hotel stay ?
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Old 15th March 2013, 06:19 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Default Advantage Plus Member


The following post seemed suspicious to me, so I looked up its IP Address:

Latitude, Longitude 1.28967, 103.85007 (117'23"N 10351'0"E)
Connection through AAPC SG PTE LTD

And who are AAPC SG PTE LTD? Accor Asia Pacific.

As I suspected previously, people associated with Accor Advantage Plus Singapore are posting on this thread as an "Advantage Plus Member" and not revealing their association with the company.

This is appalling. Other people working for Accor - such as the AdvantagePlus Consultant who came on to clarify a few things, or the people above - have been honest and upfront about their affiliation to the company, which is fabulous. However, to promote the program here without revealing your link to the company is deeply untrustworthy.

I will be sending a formal complaint to Accor Asia Pacific over this matter.

The post follows.

You can cancel and re book your stay. In fact, when you decided not to come to the hotel you must cancel it within the period of cancelation policy, otherwise the hotel has the right to take your free voucher.

Also you can only use 1 voucher per visit.

When you are using member's rate it is only for 2 rooms per visit. (how long your stay will be up to you)

Having Advantage Plus card is actually beneficial, especially when you are a traveller lover. Outside room, you could get discount on restaurants.

Last edited by steveadmin; 15th March 2013 at 03:15 PM.
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Old 25th June 2013, 03:00 AM
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Travel Forum Guest
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Thumbs down Mrs

How did my husband and I who in every other area of our lives appear to make sane and sensible decisions ever get mixed up with this lot! Have had many conversations with accor over the information that we were both given when we signed up for this "rip off club" Just to now find that if we do not pay the Home club fee's they would send us a Notice of Forfeiture to forfeit our membership! Hooray! but in the process will stain your otherwise spotless credit history so that you will never be able to buy a car, house or get a credit card to take on holiday. Please, if you are approached or even thinking about looking twice at this,DO NOT PLEASE!!, you just need to read the pages and pages of people's bad experiences, not just on this site!
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Old 27th August 2013, 09:06 PM
Travelforum Virgin
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So glad I have read all these post re Accor Asia as I was in the process of trying to get contact to join.It sounds really bad . I have belonged to the New Zealand Accor card and have been with them for 5years and it is fabulous always get free nights in Australia ,Fiji and New Zealand no problems.get free upgrade as well so always choose most expensive hotel.the food at half price is great and can use at all times and in china Malaysia .however when in Asia cannot use on special days which is stupid. I suggest you contact the Accor head office and tell them what this company is doing as it is bad for the Accor group and they can maybe change to different agent for your region.I travel to Europe next month and no problem booking Accor hotels with my vouchers earns from points.
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Old 15th October 2013, 12:53 PM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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I would said I am one of the luckier Accor Advantage Plus member since 2009. Able to book for the two complimentary nights every year without hassle. Mostly checked in Sofitel Melbourne and Sofitel Wentworth Sydney. Quite a nice and luxurious hotel. Also, we got our bill half when we dine in for two. Just gotta make sure you read the T&Cs before you use the benefits. Not all the participated hotels offer this promotion.

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Old 3rd December 2013, 03:12 AM
Travelforum Virgin
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Default NOT HAPPY JAN! Accor experience

Hello I'm new here and pretty much joined to vent my dismay at what just happened to me but I've been reading your posts and its very interesting, I have some good travel stories to tell but this one here we will start with cause I'm

Two days ago I was phoned to join Accor Advantage plus sounded O.K. and I was mistakenly under the impression it was costing me $150 so i agreed to join. I paid via credit card and was told I had a 21 day cooling off period should I change my mind. This morning I was looking at my credit card A/c and saw the cost was actually $460. I have just been diagnosed with a very serious contagious illness and cannot work for at least three months, my budget simply does not allow for this so I rang Accor and told them I wanted to cancel etc.

They just called me back and told me it was too late to cancel as I had paid straight away and there was nothing I could do about it !!!???? What the ? So I have disputed the transaction via my credit card company and am waiting to hear what can happen but... why does paying straight away via any means cancel out my option? why can't they just make a decision to refund my money and cancel my membership I don't even have the card yet Does anyone know what i can do to get my money back I'm really going to need it in the next few months. I have travelled a bit and thought this would be an advantage yet two days in and look what's happened.

I'll keep at them as I think this is totally unfair of them, in the meantime poo poo to Accor and my advice is to avoid them.
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Old 10th January 2014, 05:49 AM
Travel Forum Guest
Travel Forum Guest
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Default Happy Member

I love this club, I do as I was told by my consultant when joining, I book my free night in advance, I only have one free night, I can cancel 24 hours before if I can't attend and I can rebook. The 50% off dining is excellent! Honestly where can you go to have a beautiful meal for 2(2 courses) for $52 with scallops, lamb etc??? The prices are usually great, I have actually checked my A plus prices against, QF, Agoda, Whatif and others and they are very competitive and mostly cheaper, not always though, but I reckon it would be hard to know what other people are charging....yes sometimes I don't get my free night if it is busy periods, but usually I have not had a problem, you just need to book in advance! I check specials each Friday, excellent rates! I have never been told I can have two free nights??? Would be nice though if that was the case! You have a cooling off period which you are legally entitiled to I think(check this) but I think it is 2 weeks...I highly recommend this membership and if used wisely it is excellent value for money!
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Old 11th June 2014, 11:28 AM
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Hi Indra...Thankyou for taking the time to help others. I am a "member" of the Accor Vacation Club and in one in the entire history of the world should ever join anything with the word Accor in it. Search this site to see my 2 posts about these unethical Charlestons. I wish you the best
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