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Cicilia 8th December 2013 12:02 AM

KLIA Transit
I am going to japan from Jakarta by Malaysia airlines and will get transit in KLIA, please give me some information how to get to transit area from arrival terminal in. KLIA ?
Thank you so much

Stekmer 10th January 2014 08:48 AM

KLIA is easy to navigate
Don't worry about finding your way around in KLIA - it is a very well organized airport and clearly signposted.
If you are flying from Jakarta to Japan via KL then I assume you will check your bags in all the way to Japan and then it should just be a matter of getting of your flight at KLIA and looking for a Departure board to se which gate your next flight leaves from.
I don't recall a seperate Terminal or area for transit - once you get off your first flight you will be 'in transit' and just need to find the gate for your next flight.

withluck 12th January 2014 01:36 AM

You should not worry about your transit in KLIA because you will stay be in same Satellite terminal for you connecting flight to Japan. Like another reader replied to you, you need to know your connecting flight gate no. If you are planning to connect to Malaysia domestic flights then you will only get out from the Satellite terminal and find your next connecting fligts gate number. Hope this help.

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