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Old 1st June 2013, 01:32 PM
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Travel Forum Guest
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Default Do not use

Customer service is VERY LOUSY.

I got a shock to see a sum of money charged to my card by an unknown merchant. It turned out to be a hotel charged me a no-show fee for a booking I never knew existed. I was browsing the hotel options and checking prices, but I did not know that I booked the room and most importantly I never received any confirmation email. I kept all my bookings and cancellations from in my email and none of it was on the particular hotel.

This lousy customer service (every time a different person replied) gave me standard answers although I kept repeating that 'I DID NOT RECIEVE ANY CONFIRMATION EMAIL' they just keep pushing the responsibility to me and telling me I booked and I did not cancel and even asked me to check if other people had booked using my credit card. This is what they mean by customer service! When you book all is good! When they did something wrong, customer bears all liability. Do you want to trust your credit card information with this type of website? I'd say you are pushing your luck at this website, why risk it? There are so many more trustworthy websites to go to!

Firstly, they give me the impression 'what ever happens after you book is between you and the hotel only', none of's business! The first email that I got back from them they had a disclaimer ' acts as an intermediary between the guest and the hotel'. Just intermediary? There's a break in the communication between you and your customer, what do you do about it? You did not follow through with the confirmation email, there was no reminder email that says I have a existing reservation.

Secondly, the customer service does not use their brains. They just give standard replies and hope that I am dumb enough to accept that? They tell me they sent the confirmation email on this date and that time and expect me to just accept that fact?? There is no perfect system in this world, even if the automated system sent the confirmation, the email did not arrive in my inbox or any other box in my email. I checked the spam and junk folders and found nothing. And the customer service chose to ignore that and keep saying the email was sent.

Third, they wanted to resend me the confirmation email. WHAT IS THE POINT OF DOING THAT NOW? And the worst part is, I DID NOT GET ANY RESENT CONFIRMATION EMAIL!!! Twice they tell me they resent me the confirmation email, both times I did not get anything. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU ABOUT THEIR SYSTEM??? THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG....

This is a lousy system, it only makes sure all your reservation details (and your precious credit card number) goes to the hotel, but it does not make sure you get the confirmation email? You need the confirmation email before you can show up at the hotel right? How am I supposed to do that without a confirmation email? And why are there no reminders of the reservation?

There are so many hotel booking websites out there, you can give this site a miss and not lose anything. On the contrary, you risk losing a sum of money when you use this website.
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