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si177on 4th January 2012 07:57 AM

Gel Travel - beware of this travel agent
I encountered terrible incidents with Gel Travel at West Coast Plaza. I booked a trip with them via Groupon to Port Dickson Avillion Admiral Cove between 14 Dec and 16 Dec 2011.*

In my opinion, they are not responsive and customer service is terrible. Makes me wonder if they are still running a proper business. Here's the story... (I tried to keep it short)

Ticket collection
I didn't receive the e-ticket confirmation from Gel Travel. 2 days prior to the trip, I have no choice but to make a trip down to their head office (which is now closed down) to collect it.*

Hotline or dead line?
Try calling 67796368 or 67790670 and let me know if you get through. All these time that I'm calling, I only managed to get to them once - and these are the number that are published on their websites.

The Gel Travel manager insisted children 3 years-old and below have to pay for breakfast. When I checked with the hotel staff, they told me that children 3 and below eats buffet for free. I highlighted this matter over email to them and requested refund. Send them many chasers but no one reply until today.

Bus going back to Singapore didn't show up
On the 16 Dec, the bus did not show up to pick us up at all. When I tried my luck to call Gel Travel 45 minutes continuously at all their contact numbers, as usual, nobody picked up. Since I'm traveling with my kid, I have no choice but to arrange my own taxi back. That cost us 550 ringgit from Port Dickson to JB and another 50 SGD from JB to Singapore. I went down to the west coast plaza office to claim all these amount. The sales stuff apologized and said that she will get in touch with her boss to get back to me. Until today, they have kept silent.

steveadmin 5th January 2012 08:30 AM

Have they got back to you yet? Did you get your refund?

Travel Forum Guest 9th January 2012 10:02 AM

keeping silent
No, they've not gotten back on the refund

Nez 12th January 2012 11:35 AM

GEL Travel

What do you mean the head office is now close?? U mean their office at West Coast Plaza?? I bought a 3D2N Port Dickson deal online and they've yet to give me a call! I tried calling their hotline a lot of times but no answer. Thought of going down to their office at WCP either tomorrow or the following day, but is it true it's closed now?? Oh my god, what will happen to my paid stay then??

caramel 13th January 2012 03:14 PM

Hi, i just returned from my 2D1N KL getaway via their groupons.

When i reached the hotel, they informed me that my booking for 3pax wasnt made. I tried to call them and FORTUNATELY they picked up. But the staff had to wait to book as he needed to check with his boss if he already made the booking (obviously not).

After about 20mins plus of waiting, they booked it. HOWEVER, it was for 2pax when i clearly reserved for 3pax. We had to fork out our own money for the extra bed.

Hotel receptionist also informed me that they have encountered 30-40 cases of GEL travel customers. All either last-minute reservations or none made at all. Even their e-ticket has misleading information.

I regret buying the groupons thinking that it would be a cheap getaway.
Would rather pay fully for my trip and not worry about anything at all.

Travel Forum Guest 16th January 2012 03:16 AM

Gel Travel through groupon.
im just back from KL.

the story goes like this.
Purchase voucher from groupon in november.
Straight away make a reservation. give 1 working day time to reply.
3rd day received reply only after I call their office which i dial like 1hr continuously.
email asking for voucher, reply immediately to supprot the reservation.
having to pay for the weekend surcharge, im keep calling them.they ask to come to their office which is inconvenience to me as I stay in Hougang.
I ask for alternative. they give me bank account to transfer the fund.
but the bank account number is INVALID.
Got my friend to make the payment in the office. Her dad assist with the transaction as both of us is not free.
No voucher for the hotel. only the print out slips for the bus ride and receipt of payment for the weekend surcharge.
Thats the end of the booking portion.

8:00 am , we waited at the office(not open) to get our hotel voucher.the office not open.luckily, im not alone with my friend waiting for the office to open.
there is a couple waiting too. the guy says he saw pple queueing for the bus.
waited till 8:30. Bus came. supporting 3 destination.
KL, MALACCA AND PORT DICKSON. and one of the traveller is unable to board the bus as the bus is overbooked.

Bus stop at yongpeng for rest for 30 min. Here the KL travellers were asked to change to another bus. which we did. Unknown what happen to the bus with travellers to malacca and port dickson, we continue our journey.
And the bus stop at the TBS (terminal bersepadu selatan).
we were asked to go to our hotel by ourself.
saying that the travellers go to diffrent hotel.
Dont want to make noise to the bus driver as they dont work for Gel travel.
so we take cab (me, my fren and the couple) it cost us RM27 to the melia hotel.

We reached hotel. try to check in.
after like 1 hr, all the travellers from the same bus appear.
So the relevancy of saying all of us go to diffrent hotel is question.
having the same issue with no reservation, we tried to get hold to the agency.
Its takes like forever for the call to be answered.
Some already check in. its either theie reservation just received (being faxed in) or they pay on thier own by cash.

We choose to keep calling the agency.
The person who answered the call sound frustated and say that when we pay the weekend surcharge.As it being paid by my fren's dad, she wanted to talk to her. I asked a very simple question, if we didnt pay, how come we received the print out details for the bus.
We provide her the booking and invoice detail of the receipt payment.
She says her bos need to see it. didnt really trust that we already pay for the booking.
as we already wasted like 3 hr, we conclude to just pay for the room while ask her to check whatever she wants to check and make sure we got our booking right.
After check in, we keep checking with her on the status.
only after 1 hr, the hotel reservation side says the received email from gel travel on our booking.
but the have to wait for another agency to confirm on that as gel tarevl using them to book.
I must say that the front desk at melia hotel deserva a pat on their back as the have this issue EVERY WEEKEND SINCE NOVEMBER 2011 (deal date)

We have to go back to TBS to take our bus that gg to bring us to West coast plaza same as the pick up point from singapore.
we leave at 6:15.
by 7:30 we already at malacca happy thinking that we can reach singapore earlier.
we enter singapore by woodland check point.
The bus driver is rude when one of the passenger ask where he will stop.
the bus driver replied "where u want to go, i stop u there lah."
The passenger replied yio chu kang.
the bus driver replied " no..dont stop there, go west coast plaza only"
Wen we reach woodlands check point, i advice the couple to take cab from there. theres no point taking the bus that bring them to west coast plaza as its obviously gonna be further.

Here, I must say a few things.
Thank you to the couple 1 ( they offer us to rest in their room while waiting for the reservation to be confirmed)
Thank you to couple 2 ( Asking the agency to check and confirm our reservation while hes on line with them)
To Melia hotel KL for able to assist us with this issue.
As I understand that they had been having this issue since November 2011 for every weekend.
One of the staff even mention that there a time where 8 pple actually waited for the bus to arrive to pick them up to singapore (AS PROMISED IN THE DEAL AND BUS BOOKING SLIP)
and the bus nvr turn up and they miss their bus.
I have always travel by purchasing deals/vouchers.
but this is my worst experience.

Travel Forum Guest 11th February 2012 01:00 AM

Hi all had the same issue and found the owner's Facebook. Malcolm Christopher | Facebook

I don't think case can help us, maybe go down to the office and call the police on them.

Travel Forum Guest 6th March 2012 01:46 PM

GEL Travel Singapore
Let me just give you what I emailed to Groupon, which is where I bought their vouchers from.

In summary, this is the situation:

1. As per arrangement and payment documents below, a trip for 5 people for 2D1N trip to Malacca arranged by GEL Travel was supposed to depart Sat 11 Feb at 8am.

2. Despite my email on 9 Feb requesting details about boarding and checking in, I got no response. I was not provided with the name of the bus company, the bus number or details about necessary documents for boarding. I did not receive any e-tickets.

3. On the morning of 11 Feb, the transport company liaison refused to let us on board, claiming that the Groupon vouchers were not acceptable as tickets. He was unpleasant to deal with and also stated that this is not the first of such incidents with this travel company, GEL Travel.

4. Since the trip was forfeited through no fault of ours, I am seeking a full refund for the vouchers as well as the payment for all the extras incurred for weekend and single room charges.

After about 2-3 weeks, Groupon refunded my payments. However, I will not trust any of these small travel agencies ever again.

TimKessler 21st March 2012 09:39 AM

Thanks for the heads up. At least other travelers will be more careful of small travel agents after reading your post.


apitshafiq 4th June 2012 05:31 AM

thats feels damn awful
sorry to hear stories from you about groupon. seems like there are dodgy cases around about groupon here and there huh.. haiz..

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