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BobMac 11th June 2009 09:42 AM

A(H1N1) influenza increasing in Thailand
Unfortunately the A(H1N1) influenza seems to be springing up around Thailand. A couple of days back the Public Health Ministry put the number of confirmed flu cases at 16, but today's Bangkok Post claims 20 more flu cases have been discovered in Pattaya, all workers at entertainment places.

Thailand's suffering tourism industry is taking another hit as many tourists, escpecially from Taiwan and other Asian countries, cancel holidays in Phuket and Pattaya.

Sunshine75 11th June 2009 01:44 PM

I live in Melbourne Aus, we now have over 1000 cases of H1N1 confirmed. Looking forward to my trip in 3 weeks - my risk of catching Swine Flu will dramatically decrease:)

BobMac 11th June 2009 02:17 PM

Yeah Melbourne has the highest rate in Oz, amazing. Thailand has only just started to get a few cases, but the Pattaya report today was a bit alarming. I just hope this H1N1 flu gets sorted out quickly like SARS and the bird flu did. Starting to see a lot more folk wearing masks in Thailand now.

BobMac 13th July 2009 07:15 AM

Yeah, that was one month ago. As of today there are 3,555 reported infections and there have been 18 deaths. Admittedly most of those deaths were with people already suffering from another ailment, so it seems the flu merely accelerated their deaths, but it's worrying nonetheless. Today I bought a packet of face masks, first time since the SARS outbreak, and I'll start wearing a mask in shopping centers and crowded areas. I would definetely wear a face mask if I was going through an airport. Not trying to frighten anyone but it's something to consider.

FTSE 13th July 2009 10:43 AM

More doom and gloom from Bob! As someone getting over the H1N1 flu, like many other NZ'ers, the hardest thing about it is the boredom of it all. Very like other flu's that I have had!!

Instinctively I know, that if a post has been started by Bob, it is going to be negative. I just wish Bob had more positive things to share.

After spending so much time in Thailand, one would hope that the magic of the place would have rubbed off more.

I wish you luck in not becoming yet another statistic, in the latest fear, to grip the country.

markaa 13th July 2009 10:54 AM

Just be glad
You are not going to Bali Bob!

A) The (weirdo) health minister is trying to get all foreign tourists from "infected countries" to wear face masks for 3 days upon arrival, though not Indonesians who have been in the same "infected countries".

B) The Indonesians lie through their teeth about the infection rates and health risks; at least Thailand is honest.

BobMac 13th July 2009 12:47 PM

FTSE: so are you saying if I hear of anything negative or dangerous that affects tourists then youd rather not be notified about it? Youd prefer it if I just kept it to myself?

Im planning a trip to Saigon soon, never been there and know virtually zero about the city. When bookings are confirmed Ill hit the Vietnam forums for info. If a long-term resident alerts me to Customs & taxi scams at Saigon airport, or about the current situation with a serious pandemic, Ill thank that person for bringing these matters to my attention, and because Ive been forewarned perhaps Ill avoid some risky situations that could totally ruin my holiday. At the very least Id just take the info onboard and wouldnt fire off cheap shots at the person who kindly gave up his free time to pass on travel warnings that Id otherwise have no knowledge of.

la 13th July 2009 04:40 PM

You want doom and gloom, the health minister, i think, said up to 30 million, almost 1/2 the population could get the flu, and 1200 could die. as we all know, that a bit extreme, though he did say it could last for up to 3 years. think he has stock in the vaccine companies. Bob is simply giving good advice, since hygiene and knowledge of the spread of bacteria isn't exactly on the top of local populations mind.

enjoy your som tam, and take heed of Bob's advice. it's good that thailand actually reports cases, as least some, as opposed to their past record of disclosure. lesson learned. though now it is the reason for all financial problems, but hey, got to blame it on something. never local related.

there does seem to be a high percentage of cases here compared to other countries. but stay healthy, eat good, good hygiene, and avoid overly crowded places................besides, you are coming here to relax. enjoy.

cristine1 14th July 2009 01:55 PM

Hi BobMac and others,
Thanks for the npdated news from the Land of Smiles. My son and I leave for Thailand in a few days. We are so excited to go to Koh Samui and Chiang Mai as well. We'll be in the countr for 2 1/2 weeks. I never even thought about the influenza that's been spreading around the world.

I am not too worried, but, are you recommending that we wear those masks at all the airports when we arrive/depart? Is there some kind of vaccine or pill we could take now before going to protect us?

BobMac 14th July 2009 02:42 PM

Hi Cristine, getting close to departing, you must be feeling very excited.
Re vaccine or medication, I'd suggest having a chat to your GP before departing, I know nothing about vaccines for this strain of flu, but if there is one it would be wise to have a shot.
As for a face mask, yes, I'd wear one myself if I was passing through an airport, just as I did when I went to Thailand right at the peak of SARS. I'd also wear one when in shopping centers & crowds. If it can help you from getting crook on your holidays then it's worth doing, I think.
Sorry if I've caused you any "gloom" but as you said yourself you "never even thought about the influenza..."

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