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Old 27th March 2009, 05:17 PM
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Angry True Enough

Originally Posted by Jeff View Post
Shucks... I have just made a booking with asiarooms... although I am not confident I will get the incredibly low rate for the 4* Hotel in Bandung... unlucky me for not being able to receive any confirmations for my past bookings (>3x) but now I understand why... quite a waste of time if you don't have much in your credit card and in a hurry to get a room and there they are blocking the amount in it... it takes a while to uplift the blocked amount... so there...
True enough... no rooms available for the requested rate... yet when I do another search for the same dates... they still show the rates available... how efficient
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Old 2nd April 2009, 10:33 AM
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Thumbs down Asia rooms rip off

I had to cancel a room booked by Asia rooms last october in the philippines on boracay island and was fed some drivel about not refunding the money. So i have been stung and will never use them again.
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Old 21st April 2009, 04:44 AM
Unhappy With Asiarooms
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Default Yes, Asia Rooms is a cheater

I too am currently experiencing a bad situation with Asiarooms. My husband's best friend was supposed to get married in Ubon Ratchathani (Thailand) this week but the wedding was cancelled at the last minute. My husband and I decided not to go there for a holiday anyway as the country is in a state of emergency and our Foreign Ministry advised us not to as well.

So anyways I had made a booking ages ago through Asia Rooms for a 3-night stay at Tohsang Khongjiam resort but cancelled it 3 days before the check-in date. According to Asiarooms policy, I was only supposed to be charged for the first night stay. I got a shock when they sent me an email saying that I was to be charged all 3 nights.

So I called Asiarooms and the girl was very rude. She kept interrupting me and it reached a point where I got angry and reminded her who the customer was as I did not even have a chance to explain my situation properly. She said that they were charging me 3 nights stay because that's what the hotel was charging them. Her name is Natalie. When I said that's not true, she tried to cover up by saying that even if they charged me for 1 night, there would be a cancellation fee. To which I responded how can the cancellation fee be Singapore dollars 260 (approximately USD170), the exact amount of the remaining 2 nights. She insisted that it was the hotel's fault and told me to contact the hotel. When I asked her for the hotel's phone no, she put me on hold for over 10 minutes and finally gave me a fake phone number.

I had to search for the hotel's phone number on the Internet. I spoke to their reservations manager, Wont Aut, who assured me that they did indeed tell Asiarooms that I was only to be charged 1 night's stay. He said he would reconfirm with them through email that was the case but he could not email me a copy of that email as it was not standard procedure. He did promise though that if Asiarooms did not clear it up by tomorrow, he will send me a copy of that email, so that I could take action against them. I called Asiarooms (spoke to Mickey this time) and she did not believe me, even going so far as to say that Wont Aut sounded like a fake name, did not sound Thai. I told her to clear up the mess by today.

They were obviously trying to cheat me and blaming the hotel for it as the hotel's reservation manager was upfront to me about everything right from the start, unlike Asiarooms who tried to fob me off with lies and excuses. So now I have to wait until end of today for an answer and meanwhile, I am going to call my bank/credit card company to make an official report.

My advise is not to use Asiarooms but if you have be careful and always check with the hotel to make sure that Asiarooms is not lying to you.
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Old 22nd April 2009, 02:56 PM
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Default Unhappy With Asiarooms

Just to update everyone, I have received an email from Asiarooms (4 actually stating the same thing...similar to spam) that I will get my refund for the remaining 2 nights. As they had already charged the original 3 nights hotel stay into my credit card, they will have to refund it back to the same credit card.

I have already contacted my bank and explained the situation to them. According to my bank, it takes the bank up to 4 working days to process the refund, from the date the refund is given by Asiarooms. So I will wait and see if it is processed within a week or so. If I do not get my refund from Asiarooms in a timely fashion, my bank is willing to and has offered to take action against them.

So, travellers please take note that if you explain your situation to your bank and credit card company, I am sure that they will be willing to help you pursue your claim. My bank is also the credit card issuing company. Asiarooms states that the bank could take 15-45 days to process a refund as it needs to be reflected in the next billing cycle, but as my credit card is also a debit card, there is no next billing cycle and will only take 4 days to process. So take note of that too. I know that my other credit card issued by Amex also has procedures in place for such situations and will be willingto help you gain your refund, assuming you are really entitled to it.
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Old 29th April 2009, 12:56 PM
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Default BE warned do not use ASIArooms

these guys are crooks, i put in the correct date for my hotel, double checked they came back with the wrong date and when i asked them to change it it was an uphill battle. I called my visa company to file a dispute
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Old 3rd May 2009, 11:13 AM
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Thumbs down traveller

Originally Posted by markadmin View Post
Asia Rooms have a a very bad recorded history of not refunding money to customers of theirs who had cancelled properly and were entitled to a refund under Asia Rooms, terms and conditions, but did not get it. Now it seems Asia Rooms are so desperate for business, probably because they get so little repeat business, that they have now hired a spammer company in India (Compare Infobase Ltd) to go around planting "Use Asia Rooms" messages on forums. Like the quality of Asia Rooms [sic] however, Compare Infobase chose to spam Asia Rooms Singapore Offers on our Thailand Travel Forum, so they do not do a very good job. Avoid Compare Infobase India and Asia Rooms Thailand we say.

You want to know just how bad Asia Rooms are, read this: D'Ma Pavilion Hotel Phuket Thailand Blacklist
i was almosted cheated by asiarooms sometime back
i booked a balcony room at club andaman
my booking was confirmed by asiarooms for balcony room.

upon checking in the hotel, the front desk told me told me
i have booked a standard room.

a standard room cost less than a balcony room in club andaman
you can go to the hotel website to see the difference.

lucky i have a copy of my booking from asiarooms
when i checked in or the hotel staff may think i am trying to get
a free upgrade

asiarooms charged me a more expensive room but booked me
a standard room. this is morally right.
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Old 18th May 2009, 09:44 PM
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Angry Avoid

I can't warn people strongly enough: do not use this website, no matter how tempting the rates. They are refusing to refund a $20 "administrative fee" despite the fact that in the booking page it clearly states that "no charges will be applicable" if canceled before a certain date, which I did. A bunch of thieves--very deceptive, very poor customer service. TO BE AVOIDED!!!
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Old 20th May 2009, 02:27 PM
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Default I think ASIA ROOMS are good!

I've used them twice. And with the 2nd time, the hotel was booked out and they took more than a week to unblock my credit card but when I emailed them, their response took less than 5 minutes and they attended to the oversight straight away. AND their manner was professional and friendly. I will definitely use them again as they do a great job. :)
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Old 30th June 2009, 11:34 PM
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There seems to be about a 50/50 for/against asiarooms here - I have used them on many occaisions and only once have I had a problem which was of my own making as when I arrived I decided not to stay in the hotel (I had taken a chance with a very cheap price) Although the hotel was fine it was not up to my usual standards so I checked out without sleeping in the place and hence cancelled my stay which was for 4 nights anyway I could not prise a refund out of them - BUT they did investigate and sent me copies of e mails to the hotel owner etc etc - I took a gamble and lost - apart from that they have been fine - with the other 20/30 bookings - maybe its just down to if you cancel from the sounds of things apart from that they seem to be fine - or I am just very very lucky
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Old 14th October 2009, 08:13 PM
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Default do not book through asia rooms

Dear Asiarooms
I am extremely disappointed not only with the service from your Company but also in the treatment that I recieved from your call service agent - Nikki Murphy. As a Company that deals primarily with foriegners visiting Asia you should be understanding to the circumstances that many foriegners are in. I booked through your website and recieved an email with a reference number- Normally when booking through expedia a reference number indicates to me that a room has been reserved. Since I do not have frequent internet access AS I AM A travellor on a tight budget I took this as confirmation to mean that I did indeed have a room reserved for the four nights that I requested. The statement on my Master card by which 211 dollars had been taken off further supported my belief that my accomodations had been taken care of through your company. You can imagine that I was extremely frustrated when I arrived (after a long flight) at the Hotel that I had booked and they were unaware of my reservation. I then contacted your call center in the Phillipines and spoke with a lady who reported that her name was Nikki Murphy (she would not give me an employee number nor would she transfer me to a manager/supervisor as I had requested). She refused to help me find another hotel in the area and stated that I would have to go online and rebook- BUT my money was still being held on my credit card for 5 days for a reservation that was never made. I was wondering what reparation that you will be offering me for my inconvenience and frustration. As a client of yours- I would also suggest that you post availlability on your website ahead of time so that you do not unnecessarily hold your clients money. I am also working for a large ESL Company that runs out of many Asian countries and have notified all my associates not to use your website.
Thank you for your time.
I hope your will endeavor to fix these problems in order to save many foriegn travellors future grief.
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