Indonesia is one of the most corrupt, human rights abusing nations [sic] in the world; they afflict the Balinese and I say "Screw Indonesia".

I am very much for tourism to Bali but please, help the Balinese, not the people who oppress them.

In the mid 1960's while hippies, having "discovered" paradise (Bali) were singing "Love, love, love" on Kuta Beach, the Suharto Regime via their "army" (the TNI) murdered in cold blood around 10% of Bali's population. Local farmers complained of contaminated water from decaying human bodies. The Western Axis of Evil (USA, Australia and Britain) supported this action in order to achieve political and economic advantage (previous / deposed President Sukarno having told them he would turn Indonesia into a communist state, allied to Russia).

Under Suharto the various regencies such as Bali, which were separate states in a trading Federation, were forced to bow to Jakarta. Wealthy Javanese with a historical contempt for and even hatred of the Balinese exploited the island's new found and highly lucrative tourism industry by acquiring land "bought" under compulsory purchase legislation for peanuts; if the Balinese land owner objected, they would disappear (end up in a ditch). Nusa Dua for example is such a tourist enclave stolen from the Balinese where, to this day, the Balinese are prevented from going onto the beach as per their legal right.

Indonesia commits state murders against its own citizens (civilians). Although it has signed up to numerous human rights conventions, there has never been a single human rights adjudication in Indonesia; just because they sign a bit of paper does not stop them from file 13ing it. It is like the old luxury hotel con where some ghastly concrete blocks gets a 5 Star rating because it has ticked every box including having air conditioning, TV's and hair dryers in every room; none of them work, but because they exist they are somehow a luxury 5 Star hotel. Indonesia is the same; it has signed nearly every human rights convention going but has done nothing to effect them. Indonesia's human rights body gets around never adjudicating complaints by conveniently changing its staff every 4 years with the mandate that the new staff have to start the investigation process for each complaint all over again. Remember East Timor and how not a single member of Indonesia's armed forces, responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians, ever stood trial, let alone were made to pay for their crimes against humanity.

Do not forget, Bali is part of Indonesia. Indonesia oppresses the Balinese. Read my blog: Bali, Indonesia

Support Bali, Screw Indonesia!

Don't be a 1960's Kuta Beach Hippy "La La" with your head in the sand. Wake up to the fact western governments ingratiate nasty Jakarta because they get preferential treatment when it comes to mining / oil / gas rights (West Papua generates a third of Jakarta's state income; no wonder they do not want that "regency" to achieve its legal ambition / right of independence) and defense contracts. Just because your political leaders are whores out to earn dirty / blood money for their major corporations (or rather offshore subsidiaries thereof), you can help the Balinese in spite of this; Do Not Book Into A Javanese Owned Hotel.

When you are looking for accommodation in Bali, ask the question "Who owns your / this hotel?". Do not be fooled by Western Hotel Brand names who manage hotels in Bali for Javanese dogs, ask "Who actually owns your hotel". If it is not Balinese owned, give it a miss! Not only will you be screwing Indonesia and helping the Balinese, the chances are you will also get a much better and more authentic holiday as a result.

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