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Welcome to the Travel Forum: information, advice, blogs and photos to help you find paradise in South East Asia. Registered users can log in here; if this is your first visit, then you can register now for free to enjoy full access to the forums. You don't have to register to post, but limitations exist unless you do (to prevent spam).

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Why should I register?
In order to fully utilize the abilities of this forum, recommends that you register as a member. Registration is free, and allows you to do the following:
  • Benefit from the regular free ebook downloads regularly offers
  • Post new threads
  • Reply to other peoples' threads
  • Edit your posts
  • Receive email notification of replies to posts and threads you specify
  • Send private messages to other members
  • Enter events in the forum calendar
  • Set up a 'buddy-list' to quickly see which of your friends are currently online
To register, you will need to specify a username and password, and a valid email address. Entering your email address will not leave you open to 'spam', as you can choose to hide your email address, and messages sent to you via email do not reveal your address to the sender in any case. (To verify this, you can try sending an email message to another user.) The final part of the registration process is confirmed by email, so ensure that the email address you provide is valid and working.

I put my email address in my post and you removed it! Why?
We remove email addresses from posts for your own protection. Spammers crawl the internet harvesting email addresses, so if you put yours out there it'll be collected and before you now it you'll be inundated with junk. If you want to encourage people to contact you about something, simply ask them to send you a private message through the forums; it's safer for all involved.

Can I promote my website/business here?
We tend to frown upon self promotion posts here, as nine times out of ten it provides no value for our other members, and just serves to clutter up the forum. Posts deemed to be advertising, promotional in nature or otherwise will be removed from the forum and will often result in a ban - so don't bother in the first place, as it just wastes my time and yours. However, long-term members who have been with for some time and have contributed a particularly healthy number of helpful original posts (not just a collection of "I agree", "Thanks for info" etc) are most welcome to promote their businesses and websites from time to time.

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