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Posted by - ® Mark (admin) on April 8, 2007 at 3:24 pm:

Hi All
I have a request regarding the new forums below, but first an explanation / apology and some information.

Sorry to those who went to the new forums but they were not working correctly, this was because I had to get the hosting company to make some changes to how the site would be made available to the Internet now, rather than later. As far as I am concerned, the new forums are now working as they should but you must go to the latest link (link below) for now until I move the domain travelforum dot org to the new site.

Once I get the graphics I have commissioned for the new forums to make it much more tropically topical and friendly, I will disable the new post facility on this site and ask any new posters to go to the new. For a short while after, I will allow reply postings to existing messages. After a week I guess I will then move everything to the new site whereupon the old forum will not be active any more (the messages will remain but no-one will be able to post on it any more).

A reminder that I had to do this because of the search engines and the fact Google was no longer indexing messages on this and other forums which use the same system / type. But, having now used the new forums, I really believe they are operationally (for the user) better as well.

I would appreciate it if regular users could make at least one post on the new forums on a topical subject close to their hearts; a particular hotel, area, shop, restaurant, charity, etc. This is both to make the new forums look a little less blank and to test out the scripts to make sure everything is working OK.

Also, if anyone is able and willing to do a “price list”, let me know. You know, a price list of things when they last went on holiday, everything from beer and t-shirts to restaurant and hotel prices (including where they got those prices of course). It is my intention to eventually have an area just for Just Back Price Reports so these do not disappear / are not so hidden.

Regards / Happy Easter

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