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Posted by - ® Robbie on March 14, 2007 at 6:26 am:

In Reply to: Where is everyone? posted by Pittypat on January 6, 2007 at 6:02 am:

Hi ladies, Hi Mark, Hi all you lurkers :-)

Well, Elle and I visited Bali twice last year from the UK. We are still in love with the island and we are still totally disgusted with the Indo government.

Mark, thank you for the forum and for your crusade. It's both noble and admirable, I salut you.
I also want to say thank you, thank you for making Bali, the real Bali so much more accessible.
My first trip was a backpacking trip across Indonesia 6 years ago, my stay in Bali was only very short. I longed to return albeit at a much more luxurious standard, with help from the travelideas site, from you personally Mark and from Barb at Bulan Baru I returned with Elle to Lombok and Bali.

I proposed on the beach outside Bulan Baru, and then spent 10 days at ABN it couldn't have been more perfect! We've been back to Bali 5 times since and every time is still more majical than the ever. Without the travelideas site and this forum we would not have stayed in the phenomenal villas we've rented, we'd have not found the wonderful restaurants and we wouldn't have known how to give to the community in all the 'right' ways. I feel rather bad for not contributing more to this forum!

Good luck with your books both!
I'm very much looking forward to the new ethos Mark. Whenever we travel I look for a similar resource but to no avail.
I shall miss this community and dearly hope that it becomes somewhat of a pheonix in the new ones!

A sincere thank you


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