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Posted by - ® Mark (admin) on March 13, 2007 at 8:28 pm:

In Reply to: Bad News posted by Mark (admin) on March 13, 2007 at 6:34 pm:

JI, the terrorist organization in Indo are dumb mutts who once had enough money and training to explode some bombs with devastating effect. Since the western banks clamped down on bank money transfers (laundering) by Osama Inc., JI have resorted to selling phone cards and fake (counterfeit) goods to raise money. Presently it seems they are fully occupied killing police officers (oh dear) and TNI members (oh no) in Sulawesi. The Philippines Government has recently had some outstanding successes against JI. There is more risk of terrorist attack in Bali than 1st world countries IMHO, but I think only soft targets like public restaurants where foreigners frequent and with easy access - so avoid these place like the plague and you should be fine. The greatest risk in Bali comes from bent police officers. If you have drugs planted on you and get busted; pay them to become friends and have the problem go away as quickly as possible and do not argue your innocence as it will get you nowhere except further into debt and trouble. The irony is if you stay at a Suharto or Bakrie hotel and use their drivers / marked vehicles, you are less likely to get set up / extorted from. Although do not go to clubs, etc. for sure as this is where you are most at risk from terrorism and police "raids".

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