WARNING to all who are interested in hiring a driver in Bali

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Posted by bleufinn on February 24, 2007 at 2:02 pm:

Beware of Erick car rental and tour service
Hp. 081 337 190 600

Info on his namecard
wana segara st 11X Tuban

Jl. Kediri (Komplek RT. Eka Darma)
Blok D no. 6 741 Kav
Tuban - Bali 80361

I just got back from bali. It was an almost pleasant trip we have a good impression of balinese until our driver (ERICK) . We got his contacts from Tripadvisor as one of the good drivers but we regret to find him a dishonest driver and not trustworthy.

He was all friendly, nice and helpful initially but all this is nothing but a disguise to con us. We have been very flexible and we trusted him with his recommendations...but we later found out that he was DISHONEST with the pricings and in fact was THAT SCHEMING to cheat us from the very beginning. He lied to us, and to think that we treated him like a friend is really disappointing. I find his greedy acts despicable, not only is he dishonest but he is such a pretender! empty promises! He even offered to help us get something we needed and paying him later when we ask him where to get those stuff. He never showed up! We didn't expect him to anyway after finding out his scam ...he probably ran away gloating with his filthy money... but if he still has some conscience he shld have just told us where to get those stuff..we can get it on our own and not go back empty handed rather than use it as part of his friendly act. Not only we didn't get to go see the places which we paid him to go ( he kept giving excuses like the place is unavailable today etc so that he can save his car park fees!)... he even has the nerve to request a BIG TIP from us!

His recommendations are none that decent ...honestly speaking... you guys can get a much better deal anywhere then with HIM.

We left bali with a heavy heart. Its not so much abt the money loss but more of a disappointment that we met with such a despical person that taints our experience in Bali ...but whatever it it is, i believe this things goes full circle. What goes around comes around.

Time and money is loss on this conman but a lesson learnt to all to be careful with this man. Judging from his well planned scam, i believe this is not the first time he cons tourist...therefore I sincerely request that you guys PLEASE help to spread this warning... so as to prevent others from being taken advantage of.

Photo of the driver


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