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Posted by - ® Mark (admin) on January 24, 2007 at 9:23 pm:

In Reply to: So....will try and add it here posted by Catherine on January 24, 2007 at 6:30 pm:

Thanks for your kind words of support :-)

I am currently in contact with the Director of Internal Affairs at the Indonesian KPK (Corruption Commission), although I do not have that much confidence in them they are now showing an interest as the same bent police thug (Tri Kuncoro) who Jack Daniels pays to afflict me is the same guy who put Candi Internet (Harry Bleckert of Bali SOS) out of business for a few $ from a competitor (funny, Bali BS which Daniels says I own reported the competitor was someone called Blueline in Bali – I heard it was none other than Telkom who did the dirty). So Kuncoro is starting to get very embarrassing for the Indo authorities. It is at the point now I have let the KPK (who do not have much of a record in prosecuting police officers) know they either have to jail Kuncoro and Daniels or go to an independent tribunal like the International Law Tribunal in London to avert the mountain of action I am prepared to take against them. For example, although I can not get Interpol (a stateless body by UN charter and therefore a law unto themselves) to act against the Indonesian police, what I can do if they refuse is have my lawyer write to every police HQ and home / foreign office of every EU member state asking them to write back and confirm they will not pass any data on me to Interpol due to the evidence that such data is used to breach my civil and human rights; and then sue any state that refuses in the European Court of Human rights in Strasburg. I do not think Interpol will like that very much, but it certainly serves my purpose and will give the Indonesian Government one almighty diplomatic headache. I also have the right to file human rights complaints and expect them to be adjudicated promptly in my favour given the evidence I hold by HAM (Indonesian Ministry of Human Rights), despite the fact they have the world’s worst record for this. But I am a British and EU citizen and unlike the poor people of Indonesia, such as poor Munir’s wife, I have the opportunity to get my government to file a state-to-state complaint I the UN itself against Indonesia if they fail to so act. It is a long, hard, fairly expensive and often lonely road, but one I have committed to seeing to the end. I know Jack D reads this forum like a hawk; Jack, trust me, you are going to jail one day and thereafter you will be deported. BTW, I don’t just do this so I can go to Denpasar or Kerobokan jail one day with my video camera to take some holiday film of Jack behind bars, I do actually do it to get rid of the greater prevailing stench in Bali; hopefully it will all serve as a lesson to others (expats, Indonesian businessmen and police) that you can f with most of the people most of the time, but you can not f with all of the people all of the time ;-)

But life is good besides. Take a look at the picture I took this morning from my office window. Bit cold right now, but we have a great log fire (French made, really very good) and plenty of wood (Oak and Chestnut from the land clearance I am doing right now of some extra adjoining land we bought). We also have other property interests outside the EU but unfortunately I do not disclose these any more since Daniels sent thugs to our house in Thailand. Hopefully one day I will be able to be open about anything and everything again, but needless to say we are doing just fine!

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