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Posted by - ® Mark (admin) on January 15, 2007 at 4:27 pm:

In Reply to: Our best sellers.. posted by Pittypat on January 15, 2007 at 12:45 pm:

I will do this over the next few days. Thanks for the kind words :-)

Yes, that is the problem, or problems. First it is perhaps not fair I simply focus on Indonesia, although I do that because that is what I know about most corruption wise and because Indonesia first focuses on me. Second is creating an easy to understand and follow worldwide site which allows people to know where the country they intend visiting is in the corruption and more importantly human rights league, and why that is important. Lastly, how to still go to such countries (where possible - places like Burma and N Korea are perhaps beyond that) but without putting a single cent in the hands of the bad guys. Also, the risks to ourselves of various countries (risk of abuse, extortion, disease, crime, etc. from corruption / lack of true law and order - people paint such a rosy picture of Bali for example, yet is has one of the highest crime rates anywhere in the world - the problem is the crime rate is not reported officially of course).

I know you can "lock yourself away" in some sterile Nusa Dua hotel where local Balinese are not allowed anywhere near and where all provisions (food and drinks) bought by that hotel come from businesses owned by other "elite" families, you will probably never be robbed or face police corruption because of this. But where is the Bali in that? And what damage do your dollars cause even though you never see it? It is a complicated problem, especially when you try and get the message across as a global thing, rather than just focus on Indo. I suspect I will continue to run Nasty Bali (see below) as it targets specific people and organizations for very good reason. In fact, I am starting on a book right now (I suspect I will tinkle with it over the next year doing research etc as well - I also get so many emails now about the other side of Bali) called "The Anti Paradise"; I am actually a published author although my one and only other book did not quite make the best seller list!

Anyway, about my new Travel Ethos web site; I think I have the right formula in mind and how to effect this. Hopefully it will do some good in thbe world.

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