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Posted by - ® Mark (admin) on January 11, 2007 at 6:46 pm:

In Reply to: Problems posted by hilly on January 11, 2007 at 6:06 pm:

I think you misunderstand, the forum will only go in domain - it will continue using different software (which is an operational choice I had to make) and be part of (this domain will redirect to) travelethos dot org, com and net (I already have these domains).

Travelethos will have everything under the one domain; reservation (direct reservation commissions going to local charities), forums, blogs, areas to put pictures, just back reports, pricing areas (so you can say what you bought, where and for how much as a permanent thing), blogs, ethical business directories, etc. The site will allow members to run various aspects of the site (for example, someone in Bali can run the Bali reservations area and be responsible for the commissions going to a named local charity in Bali). For example, travelideas' reservations engine and database will move as well and will incorporate statements to be made by the hotels / villas regarding their legality and ethics (mainly, does all the service charge they charge guests go to the staff as it legally should). But this aspect will be across the board and worldwide. I will make hot reference to TI's corruption league and HRW's human rights league across the board, so people can easily determine what sort of country they are going to in these respects and therefore perhaps do something positive.

This is all in the planning stage right now - it will depend on whether I actually have to file a human rights complaint against the Indonesian authorities or not (or whether they resolve the problem - a clearly documented one, before without me having to go this far). One thing I swear I will do or die trying is to put Jack Daniels and Balinese police officer Tri Kuncoro (also of Harry Bleckert, Bali SOS, Sang Ayu, Candi Net "fame" - who the now fraud KPK or corruption commission actually said needs to be investigated but then did nothing) go to jail; that is now a requirement not just for proving justice does exist but also to protect my friends and family from the murderous thugs these two work with.

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