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Posted by - ® Mark (admin) on January 8, 2007 at 4:44 pm:

In Reply to: A very real problem posted by Pittypat on January 8, 2007 at 5:14 am:

The worst is over for me and to be 100% honest I am sort of glad it happened to me as I am one of those people who will stand up to the dogs, plus it showed me the truth behind Bali I simply had no idea existed before.

Yes, so / too many forums are sales boards. I belong to a webmaster group and the conversation is always about "seeding" and commercially benefiting from forums and blogs, which is why I started this one (after I was sure BTF was abused by Bali Villas staff posing as tourists). The funny thing is I then got accused of doing the same even when posters here had their IP / browser identities shown and left email addresses! Something to do with Freud I believe.

I actually have all the archives of this forum on my PC if it helps - as long as I have a search string like "Pittypat" to use to locate them, and can send them as email attachments.

Funny, I will be writing a book about Bali and the wider implications soon too, but it will be nothing like a JBR. I once wrote and had published a book, although it was not successful to say the least, it was my first attempt so I am at least an experienced published author.

Either way, whether or not it comes to my filing a human rights complaint or not, I am very optimistic I will, through my sites, start to play a very positive role again regarding Bali's tourism, but it won't be what the Suharto owned hotel owners and ringworm dogs like Daniels want, that is for sure. And I am very confident as long as I persevere, because I have right and evidence on my side, Daniels and his corrupt police boyfriend will end up where they belong; in jail. I have no disillusion this will happen soon, although I hope and endeavor to ensure so, but it will happen I know. Daniels and his bent cops really did pick on the wrong guy and I think now everyone realizes what a dog he is.

As I say, I am pretty sure the human rights complaints will have to go ahead and at that point I will start working towards my / my company’s travelethos dot com (I / we already have the domain) site to replace travelforum dot org and travelideas dot net, where all direct reservation commissions go to local charities, etc. and where I try to spread the word on a wider scale as to how to know to spend our money ethically and wisely anywhere in the world.

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