A very real problem

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Posted by - Pittypat on January 8, 2007 at 5:14 am:

In Reply to: Hi Guys posted by Mark (admin) on January 7, 2007 at 5:26 pm:

What a headache for you Mark! I wish you well with it. Your forum has been not only the most informative and interesting to read but you didn't encourage the 'flamers' and 'smart alecs' and one felt much more comfortable contributing. Also the information was reliable and when I took my son and grandson to Bali I was quite secure in the knowledge that the bookings I made through this forum would be genuinely according to your assessment and the reports of other contributors.
With the experience of having made my reservations using this yardstick, I last year used a Fiji forum to plan a trip for Donald and myself. It was a great lesson in how not to do it. The experience was horrendous - I'm sure one resort wrote their own glowing report - the whole sordid encounter cost me an extra $3000 and is still in litigation.
This year we would like to go somewhere we haven't already been but are apprehensive about where in the world we would now be safe and comfortable, especially as Donald is still physically handicapped.
I have another small problem. I have been approached by a publisher to write a book about Bali and had intended to use some of the material in my JBR's to this forum as the basis for this. However,I find that the archives are no longer available here and as I now have another computer and the technician obliterated the entire Works file from the old one, I don't think my elderly memory banks can cope with the demands. Any suggestions?
All the best for any future enterprise.

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