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Posted by - ® Mark (admin) on January 7, 2007 at 5:26 pm:

In Reply to: Hi Pittypat........... posted by wenful on January 6, 2007 at 6:52 pm:

First, my condolences to you both; I genuinely hope things improve for you in 2007.

The problems with numbers of visitors for this forum are multiple, but quite obvious. The volume of people going to Bali has dropped enormously and those that do go do not generally want to be told the hotel they use aint that ethical / Bali friendly, etc. or that maybe even Bali itself is an issue. In some respects they are right, in others not.

FYI I am almost certain to be changing both these forums and the travelideas reservations site in April, or around then, I try to spend only a few hours a day on the PC now. This is for a number of reasons; one being I can not go to Bali personally or I will either be shot or thrown in jail (really), so I can not make the sites as up to date and sunny as I used to be able to. Second is it is perhaps unfair and even self-defeating / cause defeating for me to focus solely on the corruption and civil / human rights abuses that go on in Bali / Indonesia, but not elsewhere. Third is that I make much more money in other areas than I do in travel.

As a result I am (likely) going to do something really different; launch a travel ethos site; it will have everything such as direct reservations, forum (different type), blogs, and much more. Because its theme is "ethos" part of this would be for me to turn all commissions on (direct) reservations over to local charities, as well as focusing on travelling to help decent people, not the garbage that abuses them. Travelideas would go or rather be redirected and all the commissions it earns then pass to local charities (which are yet to be decided). The site will also be "worldwide" and focus on how to avoid putting money in the pockets of the bad guys across the globe, so I do not just target Bali for this.

I say "likely" because I have just filed notice with the Indonesian Justice Department, Balinese police, etc. that I have now exhausted all possible normal appropriate legal measures to resolve the problems I have with the police in Bali and that, unless this is substantially technically challenged by them, I will then be entitled to file a complaint under 2 of the UNís International conventions on human rights with both Jakarta and the UNCHR (although Indonesia opted out of what is called the Optional First Protocol, I am still able to do this under certain circumstances which I have been advised I fulfill). Normally such human rights matters in Indonesia can go nowhere fast (as in what happened in East Timor, just check Human Rights Watch for details), but I hold the trump cards of evidence and being a British citizen which would enable me to ultimately require the British Government to file a state-to-state complaint if my own one gets delayed or denied. Anyway, if it comes to filing these as I will be legally entitled on February 1st, things will change in my mind anyway that will require me personally to wash my hands of various aspects of Indonesia for good.

Hopefully, it will not come to that, and I will be able to do my part in both changing the way business is conducted too often in Bali AND be more active in promoting Bali, or rather the good in Bali. But even if I do go down the human rights complaint road, I hope my new sites will do something positive and be popular for the right reasons.

Happy new year to most all.


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