Where is everyone?

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Posted by - Pittypat on January 6, 2007 at 6:02 am:

I have been faithfully checking in daily to catch up on JBR's and happenings in my beloved Bali but reports are few and far between.
Does this mean we have forsaken the Enchanted Isle or - heaven forbid - lost interest??
For myself, I haven't returned since my old darling passed away in March of 2004. Not only have I taken some time to recover from his loss, but also Donald and I have moved to Hamilton (too many sad memories in Auckland) and I have had several spells in Hospital, but hey!! It's not all bad! I am now bionic - both knees work, and I'm ready to face the world.
Donald wants to see a little more of the world so it was Fiji last year, Tahiti the year before. All very nice - but not Bali!
Before Christmas I had a letter from Ni Made Suarti who had a shop by the pool at Swiss Bel-Hotel, Bali Aga in Nusa Dua. She has since married and had a little boy but has had a very difficult time with the lack of tourists. However, she now has work at a small restaurant so can give money to her husband 'for eat'. She concluded her letter with the words "May you have a Happy Merry Christmas" so I can do no better than to wish you all "A Merry Happy New Year" which I'm sure it will be.

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