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Posted by Debe on December 30, 2006 at 5:11 pm:

In Reply to: Shipping Container posted by melissa on December 30, 2006 at 9:06 am:

I'm from the USA and ship containers every year. Our regulations are different than your, however somethings are the same.

First arrange with a shipper in Bali for shipping to OZ. I use Alpha Sigma...but there are many...they do all your documents, fumigation, picking up products, packing/wrapping, stuff the container, and trucking it to Surabaya for shipping. (you don't buy it) It costs about $1500-2000 just for the local charges. Then you must find the products, perhaps with an agent, or on your own...either way you will need transport...

There are things you MUST do and things you CAN'T bring in to your country....I suggest you check with someone. We need a customs broker in the USA to clear the shippment and calculate the duty etc. etc...thats another charge...then of course trucking the container to your shop/home..and then the shipping charge.............that I have no idea about to Australia....the shipping company in Bali can set it up for you..........or you can check out which shipping companies in your area ship to and from Surabaya....arrange the shipping direct..sometimes it can even be COD. There is very little shipping out of Bali...everything ships out of Java.

I hope this info helps...but seriously, you need to check it out, because it can be a mess if not done least it can be here..

Good luck!

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