Very Late Report - Part Two

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Posted by - ® Larry with the twin boyz on December 6, 2006 at 3:25 am:

In this instalment thought I would talk about what we bought the good the bad and the ugly.

I like to spread our money around ie not spend it all at one place so alot of people get a small amount of cash not a handful get all the cash - but in saying that we still have our favourite people we go back to year after year. Also I love to buy off the beach vendors as you tend to build up a rapport with them over time and it is great to sit down and have a yarn with them after a sale.

Got the usual copy stuff good quality surf brand t-shirts, fake watches etc.

Tailor for my work clothes ie long trousers and collared shirts. Have been going to Frank's on Padma Street for many years but on this occasion I changed my mind and went to Brisbane Tailors in Three Brothers Lane just next to the new All Seasons. I could not be happier with the quality of the material and the workmanship. Not to mention that the clothes were ready when they said they would be.

My next mission was to get the kiddies school clothes made up for the next year or two. The clothes are just a two tone colored polo shirt with the school logo embordiered on it with plain grey shorts. So off to the Art Market in Kuta to get the shorts. I bought two pair of small grey shorts off one lady then I stood in the middle fo the market held them up in the air and shorted I need antoher ten pair of these in small and medium. Well all this frantic activity started and people came rushing at me with shorts left right and centre. Of course red, purple blue shorts got flung in my face and eventually when the gey ones turned up they varied in size from baby to adult. Eventually I got what I needed and when we got home just quick unpicked the Bali label from the shorts hey presto school shorts for under 3 bucks a pair.

Next it was off to the tailor again to the get the polo shirts made up. I had brought a schhol polo shirt from home for them to copy and the tailor had exactly the right colors and material but said it was too expensive to do the embordiery. Of I said I will be back shortly. Raced off down to Jln Padma Utara and just across the road from Loji supermarket is a little shop that sells t-shirts, hats, bags etc. I showed the bloke the polo shirt from home and for a bulk run of sixteen shirts it only worked ou to be just under 2 bucks for each embordiery. So back off to the tailor to get the polo shirts made 16 in all in three different sizes (hope the schhol does not change the uniform) then back to get the embordiery done about 8 buck a pop when they would have cost 25 bucks back home.

OK this year I said to my wife not I am not going to buy any wooden stuff. She just looked at me as if to say yeah sure. Well I hels out and held out until I spotted something that I have been searching for for years in Bali. Wooden wine goblets. Well I did not actually go looking for them it was just one day I was lunging around the beach when Wayan pulled these great wine goblets out of his bag and sold them to the punter sitting next to me. After the sale I called him over and saked if he had any more and his response was tomorrow. Half and hour later he was back with the goblets bought six and I was chuffed. Half an hour later he was back with the matching dinner plates bought six of them. Then came the matching soup bowls ok I will have six of them. Then came the matching big salad bowls bought two of them - Wayan could not understand why I did not want six of these anyway. I casually mentioned I needed the large fork and spoon serving implements for the salad bowls and low and behold his wife seemed to appear from no where with a matching set and last but not least the matching salt and pepper shakers materialsed out of thin air - I had to have them. My wife then reminded me two things - I was not going to buy and wood products this trip and how about spreading the money around and not just buying off one person. All good intentions were definetely out the window. Well almost as I bought two sets of wooden placements off two different vendors in the markests on Jln Melasti. We needed to get a taksi back from the beach that day as we were over loaden with 10 plus kilo's off wood.

Bought the children a great pair of binoclaurs each in Poppies II under ten bucks saw similiar back home for close on 100 bucks and they were not copies.

Back to the tailor again and got the kiddies some swimming costumes made up. That good material that is stretchy and protects them from the sun about 1/3 the price I would pay back home, neck to knee to elbow style.

Once place we avoid is a fake clothing shop on Garlic Lane, down Jln Melasti end called Willy's. She is just so aggressive and my wife even walks down teh opposite side fo the street just to avoid this lady anyway.

This is probably getting boring so to finish office bouth the kiddies lots of other clothes and shoes, kites, silver jewellery for the cheese and kisses, heaps of hats and sunglasses, millions of DVD's, wood chimes (yes more wood) and toys for the children to play with.

If anyone wants to hear more I still have what we did and what and where we ate coming real soon.

Cheers big ears. Not drama pig farmer.

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