Very Late Report - Part One

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Posted by - ® Larry with the twin boyz on November 25, 2006 at 8:49 am:

Ok the family spent 58 days in Bali in April/May 06 and we had a great time.

I am going to break this report down into a few bit size chunks.

So firstly the Accomodation.

Previous trips 12 in total we had always stayed at the Bali Mandira in Legian. We just love the place mainly because of the position right on the beach, and the large grassed areas where the kiddies can run around and play. Well Mandira have certainly put there prices up over the years but to increase it by 35% in just 7 months I thought was a bit rude. I contacted them via email and saying how we were loyal customers all all that could they give us a discount especially for a long stay but got no response back. So I thought stuff you.

So I was on the hunt for new accomodation and for a long stay I did not want a boxy hotel room. So a villa was the choice we made. Also being a long stay we had to cut down on our costs for the trip so I was looking at the cheaper end of the villa market.

Well we eventually settled on Sri Ratu in Legian and we were very happy with our choice.

Sri Ratu is located between Jln Legian and Jln Padma Utara in Three Brothers Lane, right behind the new All Seasons.

The property is broken into two separate areas separated by Three Bros Lane. The main area is the hotel complex with hotel type rooms, reception, swimming pool and restuarant. The other part of the complex is the villa set up. The are seven villa's in all ranging from one, two and three bedroom. We got a two bedroom one called Villa Melati, which I think is named after some kinda flower.

The Villa had two air conditioned bedrooms, two bath rooms, day bed in the living room, sofa and coffee table, dining room table and chairs and kitchen. The main living areas are fully enclosed in but the door to the villa was lockable. The kitchen had a fridge, sink (cold water only), two gas burners and plenty of crokery and cultery. If you needed more you just went to the restuarant area of the hotel complex and got what you liked.

You had use of the pool, the pool and pool area was very small, did not get much sun and was very deep. This did not worry us much as we are more beach people than pool people. You could also order room service from the restaurant, prices were very good but the menu was rather limited.

The maids came around daily to clean the rooms plus fresh towels each day and sheets changed twice a week.

One of the staff will do your washing for you give it to here one day and she gives it back the next. Small items 5,000 rp and larger items 10,000rp.

The only problem we encountered was that the lane between the main complex and the villa's would flood if you got a bit of a down pour and you became land locked. Not so much of a problem as it disappeared pretty quickly.

The reception area and restaurant area closes at 11:00 pm and reopens at 7:00 am. They have two "security guards" on the premises during this shut down period - more about these gusy in a later report.

If you stay longer than 3 days you get free transport to and from the airport. They had safety deposit boxes in the reception area, but they were those old wooden box type ones - but we had no problems with these.

Ok to wind things up the price was AUS$32 per night. OK the place is not 5 star, but is was clean, comforatable, spacious and suited our needs for a 2 month stay.

I will post some more shortly if people are interested in what we did, where we ate and what we bought.

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