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Posted by - ® Mark (admin) on October 18, 2006 at 2:45 pm:

Hi all

As you saw below I am having to change forum scripts to get pasts tightened anti-spam filters imposed by Google which means this forum style's (not just this forum) messages no longer appear in the search returns. The problem is actually greater than that in that many other forum styles (software types) have also been hit. Anyway, my idea is why don't you all post a link to another favorite forum of yours - I will then visit them and see which if any are unaffected by Google's new anti-spam filters, so I can come up with some choices (hopefully) all forum members can vote on in the near future (whichever I find that do the job and users prefer will be the one I use).

The change won't happen for a couple of months as it is not just a matter of switching plus I have chickens to feed.

So, tell me your other favorite forum please (no BTF cracks - they use the same forum style as us presently anyway); use the Optional URL and title boxes provided below. PS These do not need to be travel related.


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