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Posted by - ® Carolyn on October 17, 2006 at 6:51 am:

In Reply to: Ubud in April posted by superfro on October 12, 2006 at 3:12 am:

Hi there, if you want a villa in Ubud they are a bit more expensive than those on offer in the more popular areas of Seminyak etc. The only villa I've looked at up around the Ubud way is Villa Sawah which you could probably negotiate down. They seem to have put the rates up significantly as this villa was $175 earlier this year so try your luck.

With regards to a driver - depends what you want to do. When we go we like to relax so it doesn't take much to please us and when we want to go out we simply ask the housekeeper to order a taxi which is very cheap.

I have never used the website you're mentioning to book a villa. I always try and go direct unless another agency (check on the boards for their reputation) has it at a ridiculously lower rate. I think for $450 a week you would get a very basic house with not much luxury loving so depends on what you want.

A driver per day should cost you around 350,000 for 8 hours driving so work out if the increase in price is worth it to have this facility on hand for what you want to do. In terms of going for basic goods (crisps, soft drinks the odd padang meal) you will find your housekeeper happy enough to go and get these things for you at cost. Usually if the villa is hard to find, find a taxi driver in Ubud who has a mobile phone and get them to take you to the villa so they know where it is and then when you need them again get your housekeeper to call them directly. I would suspect though, that your villa manager will have a "friend" who is a driver and will be able to take you short distances on the metre. A small tip will ensure they are happy to come back to help you out when you need. Personally I hate the idea of staff hanging around all day waiting for you to do something. And then usually there's conditions like the driver is provided from 10 am to 5 pm so when you want to go for dinner there are very uncomfortable looks while everyone tries to politely explain that it will cost you extra so be very careful if this is the option you select and understand what exactly is included.

If you want post your budget and we can have a look around. Also let us all know the style of villa and what you plan to do and see if others on the forum can suggest alternatives.

Kind regards,

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