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Posted by - ® Carolyn on September 12, 2006 at 7:03 am:

In Reply to: 2 more questions if I may - which number villa did you posted by aqua on September 11, 2006 at 5:47 pm:

Check out the website w w w DOTbali villa hotelDOTcom (take out the spaces) and go to the villa section. They have the 2 bedroom rate at $180 per night. I would ask them for the dates that you require and then take that to Melinda. It says the rate is valid until March 07.

We stayed there three years ago so our rate probably isn't all that relevant. We paid about $197? From memory. At the time it was cheaper than a lot of other villas we checked out, plus the incentive for us is to be as far away from the duff-duff of the night clubs and we used to use a villa on Jalan Abimanyu but after the first bomb the night clubs all moved into our back yard!

Good luck with it all - don't hesitate to let me know If you need anything else. How many nights are you staying??

We stayed in Villa 2 - the original two bedroom villa which was lovely. They have since added some more villas which are just as lovely. Basically I think any of the villas that face the rice paddy would be fine - even the 1 bedder if you have to. I would avoid Villa 1 - it is lovely but has no view.

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