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Posted by - ® Carolyn on September 11, 2006 at 11:00 am:

In Reply to: I am so interested to hear more about Tamu Seseh posted by aqua on September 11, 2006 at 9:13 am:

Hey there,

When we go over to Bali we pretty much go over to rest. I like the idea of being somewhere quiet as I go to Bali at other times for work so being in the thick of it is not my priority.

We have stayed the last few trips at Angkasa but that has now closed as the owners have moved back in.

We dealt with Melinda from Tamu Group who is the General Manager. She will be able to give you the same, if not better rate than a booking agency. They also include transfers in the villa rate. From there on I would catch taxis when you need to leave.

The villa includes breakfast and there is now a small charge for laundry but it is nominal. Prices at Angkasa are similar for Tamu Seseh - we stayed in may for 9 nights with four adults. We ate most meals at the villa and had everything washed there. It cost us about $210 per person for 9 nights of meals, lunches ordered from the menu, with extras. So about $24 AUD per person per day which i think is pretty reasonable.

TS has a large menu and you can pick what you want and they make it up. You will get your own villa manager and she will be responsible for your needs. She will also be able to cook you things that are off the menu. So if you decide you want chicken nuggets for the kids - you give her the grocery list and she will buy the groceries at cost for you and prepare the items for you for free in your villa. We sent our girl out one day to buy eggs and gave her 50,000 rph. We decided to have omlettes for breakfast. She came back with about 20 eggs and 47000 change. There's a bakery close by too and if you dare, not far out of the village is a guy who sells local food padang style and it's really nice.

We take all our alcohol (gin, scotch etc duty free) and email ahead with a shopping list which usually consists of bottles of water, tonic water, pringles, peanuts, limes for drinks, gingerale etc. Then I do my own shop at Bali Deli for nibbles in the afternoon. They also have most brands that kids like so you will get twisties here and stuff for fun along with all western soft drink brands etc.

Our days usually consist of getting up, having breakfast, I then leave to do any shopping I need but generally lounge by the pool. Sometimes we go out for lunch/dinner but usually the spots we pick are so relaxing we can barely be bothered to leave once we settle in. We do make a point of going out for dinner occasionally but generally rush back to the villa to chill out.

TS is only a few hundred metres from the beach. We have walked it only once and generally prefer to hang around the villa because the team there look after you, plus the pool is your own and is clean, you can get drinks etc easily. It's just easier. You can walk to the beach easily though and take a stroll.

To answer your question the pool is lovely. We stayed in Villa 2 from memory which was a two bedroom villa. You could probably get away with a 1 bedroom villa but if you can afford it stretch out a bit.

Food served is of restaurant quality. You can pick between western or local. There is also a Cafe Mocha relatively close by so you can ask your housekeeper to go down and purchase things for you and they will give you your change. That goes for anything you need - if it's not there, give them the money and they will get it for you and bring you back the item with the change.

Melinda can sometimes be a bit tricky to deal with but be persistent as the villa is worth it. Just say you have been dealing with me. Shop around on various website to find the cheapest rate offered and then ask Melinda what she's offering. If she offers a more expensive rate tell her you've found it cheaper elsewhere and ask her to match.

We tought our housekeeper how to mix a gin and tonic, how to make a magarita, how to mix a scotch and they already know how to serve the beer! We get everything at cost from the supermarkets - usually our housekeeper arranges this and it keeps our costs down. There is no washing up, no cooking unless you really want to, and no laundry. Staff are great
with kids.

There are two guard dogs in the common area and they take a few days to get used to you.

I really like Tamu Seseh. Looking around the Seminyak main area I don't like many of the choices as they are bunched so closely together (separated by large concrete walls) and basically during the day you are too hot and tired, especially with kids, to be traipsing up the main street shopping. We have seen inside several villas up that way but none I would really rave about. Wilsana always gets a good wrap. Ahimsa was nice but it is really like a hotel and they don't hang around to see if you are ok. TS the staff are around and are checking on you to see if you need things - like a 5 star hotel. The Dusun looks ok but I don't love it.

I am not bothered by the drive back to TS because when you get there it is a real cut off. You have to stop and there's not much to do around the villa except take walks, so you are more tempted to relax by the pool, watch a dvd, read a book and rest. But it's up to you. I live in Sydney and am in traffic every day so I love the idea of doing nothing. Ifyou came from the Hunter Valley and like things lively you are probably better off in the faster parts!

Depends what you're after. Ifyou are there to shop and driving bothers you then this is probably not a great choice. If you are there to relax and only want to head out a few times then this is probably a great choice.


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