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Posted by - ® Catherine on August 22, 2006 at 6:01 pm:

In Reply to: Buying & Shipping Lava buddha statue to Europe posted by Alain G on August 21, 2006 at 9:24 pm:

You can go to various shipping agents and get a price on the cost of shipping. It will include packing and documentation, insurance if you want it, fumigation if necessary for Belgium and possibly some other small charges. There are a number of Shipping Agents in Ubud to check out. Perhaps the place where you are buying the statue could recommend someone. As it probably take up a whole container you can wait until they have another person with cargo going to Belgium and then share it. Otherwise you might like to check out the cost of LCL - Light Container Load - for your item. When your cargo reaches Belgium you will (if it works the same as for Australia) need a Shipping Agent there also to clear it through customs. It is very important all documentation is correct so reliable people make all the difference.

You could also contact: Made Mentoel, HP (mobile) No. 8164708566 who will help you with everything.

Made can also be located through the Tourist Office in Jl. Raya Ubud opposite Cafe Lotus.

Made works for a friend of mine, Jenny, who has done business from Bali for many years. We have also shared container space with her for our business when she has some space (I can't remember the name of her Shipping Agent in Ubud however we've never had a problem). Made is reliable, honest and capable and has been a trusted co-ordinator for Jenny for many years. I'm sure he would be most keen to help you (for a price of course) if you would like someone to help you through this. It can be a very difficult process at the best of times and if you've never done it before a trusted helper may be well worth the cost.

If you go with Made please mention that I have recommeded him so he knows the connection - Ibu Catherine & Pak John, Melbourne.

Good luck and have a wonderful time in Bali.


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