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Posted by - ® Mark (Admin) on June 10, 2006 at 2:48 pm:

In Reply to: WA posted by bundyrum on June 10, 2006 at 6:13 am:

recently I have found out just how corrupt or rather colluding and nepotistic the authorities are in Australia; I was really shocked, I really thought Aussie would be on a par with the UK, but it is well bent! But as for immigrant thugs, the UK has Aus licked, as successive Home Office ministers come and go to the revelations of how many "asylum seekers" end up committing crime, often violent, and then were released back into the community to offend again when they should have been reviewed for deportation, but weren't!

But there is corruption and corruption, and being exposed to western corruption desensitizes people to the out and out corruption in Indonesia, where police officers plant drugs and spike blood samples going to narcotics analysis.

We have corruption here in Portugal, but it is decreasing, it is no longer possible to buy a driving license for example. Corruption here is about bribes for business contracts of course, which resultant negative economic effect is why Portugal is one of the factors as to why Portugal is one of the poorer western European nations. You drive down the road to a wine producer and buy the same wine a) for 5 Euros in a nice bottle with a label and tax certificate, or b) for 3 Euros in a cheap bottle with nothing on it. But I know corruption is endemic in Bali, and it is not about cheating the tax man but about cheating anyone and everyone, even when it hurts that person badly.

Since becoming a lot more wise to the world, I can honestly say “God bless the EU”, and that from someone who never once said “God bless the queen / England”. The EU has a long, long way to go, but with a European court, human rights court and Independent police complaints commissions (I was horrified to find out that Victoria’s police ethics committee, which is portrayed as an independent civilian body, is actually solely elected and controlled by the assistant chief police commissioner – I also have seen how the ombudsman there clearly works in collusion with the police they are meant to watch over), I really am proud of Europe and to be European. My wife tells me the Balinese really did not like the Dutch, but one has to wonder what it would be like in Bali now if the Dutch had kept their colonies and Bali were now part of the EU!

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