Struggling on Bali

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Posted by ® eddyr on May 7, 2006 at 7:33 am:

In Reply to: In Bali now and so very sad posted by Larry with the Twin Boyz on April 6, 2006 at 10:27 am:

If they want the Aussies to return they have to put pressure on their
government to reverse the current visa situation and the corruption
and arrogance at arrivals. People do not want to pay big money to cop
that crap when they can have a cheaper and safer trip to Queensland,
Soloman Islands, Fiji and various other placxes around the pacific that
are now cheaper, safer and more friendly to Aussies.
Bali has also lost the magic that brought the surfers and hippies that
started of the mtourism mushroom. What was once just paddy and
friendly villagers is now Legian, concrete, ceramic tiles, and traffic
chaos and totally lacking in Balinese and /or Indonesian culture.
It will remain isolated until such times as the American and Australian
Governments stop playing into the hands of the terrorists by bullying
other nations, mostley Muslim and until the Indonesian Government
starts to come down hard on the extremists in Jakarta now spreading
through out Indonesia. If Bush goes into Iran forget it none of us will
be going on O/S hols' for a long long time.
Positive eh ?

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