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Posted by - Alex on April 23, 2006 at 3:46 pm:

In Reply to: Alex posted by Allan on April 22, 2006 at 1:00 pm:

I don't know where you are from as I credited fellow Aussies with more English skills, more sense and less tendency to watch someone jump off a cliff and then follow them shouting “There, that will teach them!” in the belief you will somehow fall on their head.

People do not go on holiday to fight wars. Who do you think you are fighting, the terrorists? Going to Bali right now is supporting the “people” [sic] who fail to stop the terrorists, who plant drugs on innocent victims (yes they do) and who in every way hate you mate (yes they do)! Unfortunately, and I really do mean it as I like the Balinese generally as well, you would have to be an absolute mutt to go to Bali until something changes and big time.

You say you love the Balinese, so help them get rid of the problem, don’t become a part of it. When your country, whether that be Indonesia or Bali, gets rid of the bent police on your island (not just come out with words you think we want to hear and grin at us) and allows proper investigations into whether westerners convicted on drug charges there were given justice plus released and compensated if not), then we will come back and spend our dollars there again; until then, s@$&w you. Funny thing is, going somewhere else not only helps the Balinese to sort their island out but also means you will expand your horizons (past what the automatic “We know not better, so Bali here we come” mentality gives you) and may even save your life or liberty. Finally please, stop advertising the fact you are an Aussie until you put the bottle down.

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