Independence from what?

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Posted by - ® Mark (Admin) on April 19, 2006 at 8:46 pm:

In Reply to: Bali Independence posted by Allan on April 19, 2006 at 7:16 pm:

Independence from Indonesia, from Jakarta, from Muslim politicians, from the culture of hate and corruption too often seen? I don't think many Balinese would entertain Independence from Indonesia as they do not know any better. I think the Balinese just want the radical Muslim politicians to keep their hands off their culture (referring to so called / inappropriately named "Pornography Law"). Seems the consensus now is that this law will make the statute books irrespective of what the Balinese want. If it does so and is then applied on the Balinese, I reckon then and only then will they even think of independence. Forgot his name but one of the top Balinese leaders reminded a visiting politician of the constitution and for Jakarta not to break away from the state of Indonesia (well, he hardly dare say Bali would seek independence, would he?). Which is as far as it has got I think, saying the implementation of the pornography law equate to Jakarta declaring independence. Jakarta will never, repeat never accept any calls for independence from Bali - it earns them too much $ and too many hotels are controlled by the Suharto family and friends; also it is on the main road / ferry system route to the Eastern islands.

Interestingly, it seems if you ask most Balinese what they think about Papua getting independence, they will tell you "Let them have it". But that just shows their naivety; the clear reasons for Jakarta to try and keep their hands on Papua is a) Papua is rich in mineral reserves which makes many influential Indonesian families a lot of $, and b) Papua is extensively Christian, and Muslim politicians in Indonesian appear to want the whole region to be an Islamic state. I think the whole thing is the last slippery slide down to big problems personally. After all, isn't it a UN charter that says every people have the right to self-determination, and therefore to deny this to Papua or even Bali if it ever wants to secede a breach of that charter? Also, with the pornography law a breach of the Indonesian constitution, isnít this all going to end in conflict? Unfortunately, I believe so.

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