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Posted by - fritz on April 11, 2006 at 1:22 pm:

Does anybody know how far the project with the new airport in Lombok has gone?
This airport has been planned in 96 already, the land has been acquired (or stolen from the farmers???), but then, luckily, has been canceled because of the economic crisis.
I have heard, that now, they are working on it again.
Some people in the government seem to believe that this new airport will be good for tourism and business, or at least for themselves…
While the old airport is conveniently located for business people in Mataram and tourists going to Senggigi, the new one will be far away from everything, only the few hotels in Kuta will get an advantage. The only disadvantage of the old airport is that the runway is too short for big aircrafts.
But, come on, who does really believe (what the government says) that afterwards there will be long range aircrafts directly flying in from Australia, Japan and Europe???? Most airlines are even cutting their services to Bali…
The hotels in Senggigi and on the Gili islands will suffer a lot, because the transfers they have to pay will be almost as expensive as their room rates, or for budget hotels even more expensive.
For myself, the new airport will be a reason, not to come to Lombok very often anymore. As, unfortunately, for the moment I can not stay there all the time, but I often enjoy to relax there for an extended week-end or so. Now this is very convenient, I hop on a plane in Yogya, Surabaya or Bali, and two hours later I can enjoy a swim in Senggigi beach. With the new airport, this will take too much time, if just for a week-end and will be for sure more expensive as well (taxi, higher airport tax, higher airfares). And don’t forget about the impact on the environment, farmer’s land that has to be sacrificed unnecessarily and pollution from the cars because of the long transfers, you all know that for some strange reasons, taxis have to run one way empty, because they can either drop or pick-up passengers, but not both.

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