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Posted by - ® Mark (Admin) on April 2, 2006 at 3:44 pm:

In Reply to: Shipping furntiure posted by Lucy on April 2, 2006 at 2:32 pm:

You should look for a furniture maker who has their own wood kilns in Java (where the teak, unfortunately too often illegally logged, comes from). A good test is to ask them how they kiln the wood (teak is called "jarti"). If they tell you solar / natural / sun kilned, run a mile. If they say kilned, asked them how long they kiln the wood for. If they say 3 weeks, ok, anything less, run a mile. Badly / under kilned wood will warp when you get it home. Also you may find grade B teak more aesethitcally pleasing than A grade because the higher the grade, the less the knots in the wood. Grade A wood might be better amongst wood snobs and carvers, but I think grade B looks better.

Many less touristy wooden furniture makers (best for lowest cost) will make furniture often too skimpy / thin for most western people's liking. So do not be afraid to ask for thicker, more solid wood.

I had very good luck with Pilar Bali, about 5km East of Sukawati 9their email is / was pilarbali AT hotmail DOT com. The owner can design (which includes being able to thicken) furniture, has his own kilns (though make sure you specify at least 3 weeks kilning as he will do less) and can ship the goods for you. Beware of con men who take your money and never ship.

Good luck

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