Price of mangosteen

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Posted by - ® Mark (Admin) on April 2, 2006 at 3:28 pm:

Does anyone know the price of mangosteen in Bali right now?

The reason I ask is my wife (Balinese) found, to her delight, Indonesian mangosteen on sale at the supermarket we use in Spain (we live in Portugal but shop in Spain for better selection). Trouble is the price; 7.40 Euros per (just under) half kilo pack!!! With 6 mangosteen per pack, allowing one to be bad (which it was), that makes each mangosteen 16,280 Rupiah!

I forget how much they used to cost in Bali. We used to take them for granted when we lived in Thailand (my wife actually got me to pick the fruit as I seemed to find the good ones). There it was around 14 baht (about 30 European cents) per kilo from the local market. I was curious to know how much they cost in the markets in Bali to see how much extra was added to my wife's mouth! I suspect they had to be shipped by air to enjoy them still fresh, but even so.

My wife optimistically gave me the "seed" from one of her mangosteen and suggested I might grow a tree of our own here! Thing is, we get frosts where we are in winter, and even bougainvillea can be a problem outside to grow unless you put it against a south facing wall. We have a greenhouse and we are planning to build a house with a large conservatory / greenhouse (atrium) around the front (south facing) with solar panels on the house roof to provide extra heat to the atrium during the winter (and drive the aircon during the summer). So we can sit there amongst and enjoy papaya and banana. Anyway, having just read the below article on mangosteen I think a) the "seed" is no good and b) I will pass on trying - at least I will never take a mangosteen for granted ever again!

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