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Featured Sites on BLTF!

On this site's various information pages BLTF tries to list for you only the 100% legal and ethical business and web sites connected with Bali & Lombok. If you know of a hotel, villa, travel agent, tour operator, driver, etc. who can honestly say they fulfill our criteria for being listed (below), please let us have their details as it would be our honour to include them.

Webmasters please note: This is NOT link exchange. If you want to exchange reciprocal travel links, you must go to our travel links directory page and use the instant / automated listing form found there.

BLTF Featured Sites Criteria:

1) Any business must be 100% legal; that is they must have ALL the required licenses for a business of their type and its operations in Bali (foreign licenses etc. are not valid on their own); for example, villas would need to have a hotel or melati operating license and, as applicable, liquor license, vehicle tourism use license, spa license, etc. Also all businesses listed with us must not be involved in any unlawful business practices, such as operating a twin book accounting system to avoid paying taxes. Drivers offering transport need to have valid tourism licenses and have passenger insurance. Car rental companies must provide well maintained, safe / road worthy vehicles with excellent brakes and air conditioning, plus full rental permits for their vehicles and limit the CDW to US$100 or less. Finally, all staff must be properly documented and working legally in Bali / Indonesia; all foreign workers must have a valid KITAS.

2) The business must be 100% ethical; that is treating their staff, suppliers and customers properly. For example, all service charge money taken by hotels and villas must be given to the staff and equally so; none should be taken by the senior management. Suppliers and staff must be paid on time. Customers must never be taken to a third party where a commission is made if they buy anything. Businesses who have any connection with the Suharto Family are excluded from being able to be featured with BLTF. Businesses or their owners who have used fraud in the past may not be featured with BLTF. BLTF can not list any business who colludes with or in any way condones and / or abuses the immensely corrupt authorities and / or police and / or judiciary that exists in Indonesia.

3) Featured businesses must be 100% Balinese friendly; this is they must not ever have done anything to hurt the people or cultural rules of Bali. For example BLTF could not list hotels such as Le Meridien Nirwana for being built overlooking Tanah Lot (they received a highly contested permit despite building regulations protecting temples), the Grand Bali Beach for being taller than the highest coconut palm tree (this building regulation was waived solely for this hotel), or the Four Seasons in Sayan for being built too close to the local temple against the express wishes of local Hindu Balinese (again building regulations were apparently waived).

4) Their customers and their staff must come first. BLTF is not interested in featuring any business who sent staff home on half or no pay during hard times (such as directly after the October 2002 terrorist bombings). BLTF also only want to list businesses that put the best interests of their customers first, for example; dive companies must have the highest standards for instructors (which they must religiously enforce) and provide the very best in decompression services. Reservation agents & tour operators should either have bonded insurance or maintain a bank guarantee scheme which 100% guarantees the return of any customer payments made in advance in the event the agent has financial and / or operational problems, or allow the guest to pay the hotel / villas directly. BLTF can not list marketing companies masquerading as travel agents.

If you are or know a business that fulfills the above criteria, please BLTF know so they can be listed (for free - no strings) on one of our pages.

We will list ANY Bali / Lombok related business that fulfills the above criteria with an indirect (cgi encoded) URL link that will take people to their web site, e.g.

Bali / Lombok related businesses / web sites who fulfill our featured sites criteria AND are willing to link back to us (from one of their web site's content pages - link exchange pages do not qualify) using one of our graphics below, we will provide a direct link to their domain / web site, e.g.

If you have a Bali and / or Lombok related web site that meets the above "featured site" criteria and would like us to link directly to your web site, please add one (or more) of the following html graphic codes to one (or more) of your web pages and then email us letting us know.

<a href="" title="Lombok and Bali Travel Forum"><img src="" width="140" height="100" border="0" alt="Lombok and Bali Travel Forum"></a>

<a href="" title="Lombok and Bali Travel Forum"><img src="" width="140" height="60" border="0" alt="Lombok and Bali Travel Forum"></a>

<a href="" title="Lombok and Bali Travel Forum"><img src="" width="60" height="60" border="0" alt="Lombok and Bali Travel Forum"></a>