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The Best Of Bali!

Here BLTF will list any 100% ethical and legal business tourism related business in or serving Bali & Lombok made known to us, such as cultural tour operators, restaurants, dive operators, sports providers, personal web page owners that support the Balinese people, etc.; please note: Bali's "best" hotels, villas and travel agents get listed on the respective pages shown in the left navigation column.

BLTF would like to make the point that honest Balinese travel related businesses not only allow you to have a clear consience, knowing that their staff are treated like people, not slaves, etc. but are certain to provide much more value, culture and even luxury for your money then many, if not most or even all so called first class five star operators.

Please, if you know of any Bali / Lombok related business or web site that supports the people and exists honestly (legally and ethically), let us know about them so we can list them here. For details of having your own Bali / Lombok related web site listed here, please see our featured sites page.

Travel Associations:
South East Asia Travel Association - SEATA offers free membership to any travel / tourism related business or organization connected with the region who is 100% legal and ethical. Members have to agree to a set of conditions and confirm they meet sensible guest, employee and environmental standards. SEATA lists many of its members on their site which makes it an excellent directory resource.

Dive Operators:
Bali International Diving Professionals - Fully licensed and legal; as well as providing a range of conventional diving services for people lucky enough to have good use of all of their four limbs, BIDP is the only dive company in Bali registered with the International Association for Handicapped Divers. As such thy have staff trained to assist many of the physically challenged to dive, learn to dive and to train able bodied assistants to be buddys with a physically challenged diver.

Sailing Adventures:
ANASIA Cruises: Eastern Indonesia sail cruise operator with a fully equipped, professionally manned, luxury two-masted schooner which they sail to and arounds islands such as Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo, Rinca, Flores, the Moluccas, and Irian Jaya. 100% legal, ethical, guest and staff friendly.